Massacre At Lonesome Ridge: A Review

You know what’s fun? Zombies.

Zombies are always fun.

You know what’s also fun? This book.

Before I begin, those of you who have been around this blog for a while, know my review policy. For those of you who don’t, or who haven’t been around long enough, the short and sweet is; I will never give a book or movie five stars. It defeats the purpose of a review. How annoying is it to go into Amazon and see a five star review consisting of OH MY GOD THIS THING IS AWESOME (insert your own choice of spelling here). Conversely, one star reviews amount to the same thing. So, my rating system ranges from 1.5 to 4.5 with 4.5 being the highest I will ever give something.

And now you know.

If you don't know the reference you fail at life.
If you don’t know the reference you fail at life.


Zombies are great. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of zombies no matter how much I may groan and NOT watch The Walking Dead.

Sorry guys, I just can’t do it anymore. Maybe the series has gotten better, I don’t know but I have a new thing now; it’s called Game of Thrones and hoping GRRM doesn’t die before the seventh book comes out and we find out if Jon Snow is really dead. I mean, what?


That’s not what this blog post is about. This blog post is about Samantha Warren and how she took the zombie idea and made it completely her own. In the most awesome way possible.

This book
This book

From Amazon:

Don’t stop. Don’t look back. Just RUN.
Connor McClane is used to hard times. As sheriff of Lonesome Ridge, he’s fought his fair share of bad guys. But when creatures that should be impossible threaten his town, he’ll face the hardest challenge he’s ever known.

Charity Banks, the once-debutante from New York City, has a hunger for human flesh and a zombie horde to do her bidding. Can Connor defend Lonesome Ridge from her undead army?

Connor McClane is the guy I was supposed to like. I mean, come on, for all intents and purposes he’s the protagonist, right? Yeah, yeah, blah blah whatever. The character I loved to hate in this book was Charity. Mostly because maybe because I would have slapped the shit out of her had she been a real person. All of the characters are great, don’t get me wrong. Samantha has setting down pat, and the plot keeps you from page one.

I mean really, the way she does zombies is by far the most original I’ve seen.

The real gem in this book, however, is Charity. And I mean that in the best way possible. Charity is the ultimate spoiled brat. She makes Bridezilla and My Super Sweet Sixteen girls look tame in comparison. She knows what she wants and she does it. By any means necessary. And I suppose you could look at her as a headstrong woman who only wants the best thing for herself given her surroundings and whatnot, and that’s completely valid. And I may have done the same thing, but mostly I wanted to find out if someone was going to sock her in the mouth.

Because she’s a straight up brat.

Also a strong female character. Kudos to Samantha for creating a sympathetic antagonist that I both identified with and really wanted to see her dead.

And that is the best part of this book. For seriously.

Well, that and the spin Samantha has on the zombies. That was pretty awesome too.

This book shines with character development and a plot that will have you flicking through the pages as fast as a clock ticks through the seconds.

It’s $2.99 on Amazon, and you really should take her up on her offer.

It’s the only one you’re going to get as far as Charity is concerned.