People always celebrate things that end with zero. Excepting for the 16th birthday for girls, and the 21st birthday (because America is stupid when it comes to the drinking age of its youth and alcohol in general), the next big thing is the 30th birthday or the 40th or the 50th.

I would NEVER do anything like this to either of my parents...
I would NEVER do anything like this to either of my parents…

With blogs it’s different, 100 followers, 500 ‘likes’ on Facebook, 1,000 followers on Twitter. Yaddy yaddy yadda.

Ermagherd 100 followers!
Ermagherd 100 followers!

Well screw that.

I’m celebrating 101, baby!

Yes. Except much less scary-implying and more celebratory.
Yes. Except much less scary-implying and more celebratory.

Because 101 of you decided that my little piece of crazy in the blogosphere was worth your time to click my little subscribe button and enter your emails. So I can stalk you.




So, usually things are done to mark an impressive event such as this. However, I am not as yet published and have no free books with which to give. Which is a total bummer. I do have a deal, though. I draw, I do reviews, I will even do blog interviews on any upcoming projects that you, my wonderful followers, have going on. So, pick a thing that you want me to do for you and I shall do it. The only catch is the email with which you are sending me at rjameskeith@gmail.com

Send me the email and title it ‘101 follower celebration’. In the body of the email, tell me what it is you would like of me, and you and I will begin a dialogue to hammer out just what it is you want.

Do this thing for me so I can help you out. And please for the love of anything you hold holy, TITLE YOUR EMAIL. I have this nasty habit of hitting the delete button when I check my email in the morning. Don’t title the email? You are not allowed to complain to me if I didn’t read it and respond to you. I have fingers that very much enjoy the delete button.

So go! Go and compose your emails!


I ❤ you guys!