Wherein I try something new..

Because it’ll be fun. And really, who doesn’t like a bit of fun in their lives? Oh man, have you ever tried going from one keyboard to another? It’s kind of crazy. For my work on GNOMAGEDDON,

This book right here.
This book right here.

mum and dad picked me up an iPad mini case with a built in keyboard. It was very nice of them and completely unnecessary, but they said they were proud of me and that I deserved the case. I’m not stupid by half, I thanked them very much and am now very much the happier for it. Except the keyboard is one of those that is squished down with the ‘fn’ (whatever the hell that means) button to make things like quotation and question marks. It’s kind of funny because my fingers are looking for the button when I’m on a full sized laptop keyboard.

Big hands. Tiny keyboard. Hilarity ensues.
Big hands. Tiny keyboard. Hilarity ensues.

Anyway! That is not the point of this entry. No, no, the point of this entry is to try something new. Sort of. Well, new for me anyway. So, I have this plan right? This plan came to me last night somewhere between waking and sleep when I realised that, at chapter ten and somewhere around 42, 000 words, Annie isn’t quite done yet. Oh, she’s getting there, but….not yet. Which is, at the same time, both exhilarating, and making me reach for the EXCEDRIN bottle. Because, well, the story was only supposed to be a novella. And, if you pay attention to the guys in the hats that come up with these things (I’m sure in a committee of some sort)

This. Except with large white wigs.
This. Except with large white wigs. And sterner expressions on their faces.

a novella is somewhere around 20-45,000 words with 50k being the magic number that elevates your manuscript into the novel slot.

*heavenly chorus*
*Heavenly chorus*

As I’ve said, Annie stands somewhere in the 42k range. Which is awesome and I’m very, very proud. But she isn’t done. Oh, I thought she was, but the story proves otherwise. Because now there is a story.

I think.

I’m pretty sure.

I mean, I’m just as much in the dark as anyone else. I’m writing the thing, sure, but that doesn’t mean I know what the hell is going on. I know what COULD go on, or even where it all could end, but point A to point B (point B being the end) is shrouded in mist and mystery. I know what I want to happen in the next book.


And the final book in this little miniseries.

To this.

Because I’m almost positively sure that every single one of them are going to be full-fledged books. Because it’s not the writing, oh no, my friends it is the editing that makes a book a book. I’m on the second draft-first round of edits-and I’ve finally figured out how a book gets to be a book. Because I was one of those people that thought it just happened by magic. That people like Yvonne Hertzeberger, JD Mader, Tonia Brown, and S.W. Sondheimer (to name some of my indie favourites) just popped those books out in the final awesome you see them in.


Oh no no.

That’s not how this game is played.

*editing experience may vary by author
*editing experience may vary by author

The great thing about editing? I don’t have to worry about being like TWD. The story has taken a shape of its own, one widely different than I honestly thought it would. I have notes that speak a world of difference between what is written and what I set out to write. And I find it absolutely fascinating. I really do, because in the course of two weeks my Annie went from what I had in my head to what the story demanded. Because I don’t care who you are, I don’t care what you write or what you believe in when you write it; there is the story that you want to tell and there is the story that will be told. The two are not mutually exclusive, not by a long shot, but I firmly believe that it is a thing. That a story can take on a life of its own, and if the author is very good and patient and crosses her ‘t’s and dots her ‘i’s properly, the story just might guide her pencil and let her in on the secret.

So, here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to create a whole other page thingy on this blog wherein I am going to post the edits of part of the first chapter of Annie.

It’s at thirty three pages now, I’m pretty sure you don’t want to spend all of that time at your computer screen reading a thirty three page blog entry. Equivalent, mind.

Editing is great. It extrapolates on what the first draft has. Maybe it downsizes, I don’t know, depends on what kind of writer you are. I’m not a pantser, I’m not a plotter, I’m a get an idea and run hell for leather with it-er.

And I’m inviting you to come and run with me.

Because it’s gonna be a good time. And, maybe you’ll like what comes out, maybe you won’t. You do get to see how the story progresses, though. And that’s something, right?


So, up above, under the tab ‘Works in Progress’ will be the Annie edits as they come around. I’ll label them one way or the other so you’ll know what you’re looking at.