News, Updates, and a podcast

If you’re reading this then the page from Bubbe’s book worked and this thing posted on time.
Here’s a quick update of goings on. I still have a few days of my vacation, I’m gonna use them for all they’re worth, baby.
The month of August is ending; kids are getting ready to go back to school, the weather is cooling down (over here anyway, hopefully the Midwestern United States will follow suit soon), and fall is beginning in the air.
I’m facing the last days of my month long hiatus and I have to say; it was worth it. I haven’t necessarily stopped writing, but I have taken a break.
I got to focus on myself for a while and take a step back on Blood on the Quarter. I’ve come to realise a few things about the story. It’s going to get broken up, I think, and become a Prohibition story. Maybe there will be more than one and then maybe there won’t be. I still, very much, want to include my shifters in the story and maybe I’ll think of a way to twist Red Riding Hood, but that’s neither here nor there.
For now, Blood on the Quarter has been permanently shelved until the Airship Leviathan has been roughed out. I’ve found one is going to proceed the other insofar as writing goes. I’m still too deeply invested in Blood on the Quarter-that is to say too much of me is reflected in the story-to write it correctly. However, even though one story precedes the other, I don’t know as though any one is going to be a sequel to the other. It could happen, but I don’t want to make promises I can’t keep to myself and find myself once again between a rock and a hard to write place.
And, honestly? I’m not keen on writing ‘sequels’. Playing around in the same world, yes. Sequels where one series of events predicates another through which a common thread is woven (some mystery needs to be solved, a lover needs to be found, the world needs saving) no thank you.
Not my cuppa.
So, for now, Blood on the Quarter is going to stay on the back burner.
But, I am excited for the Airship Leviathan. It’s a story idea that I was playing around with as a short entry for the New Orleans by Gaslamp anthology that somehow turned into someone else. Which I’m totally okay with. I spent time in the Navy and this is one nautical story I’m going to enjoy writing. And I finally get to add in my thirty by sixty foot flying fish with long, gnashing teeth. Because I would imagine them whilst on watch in the Navy. They were the top of the oceanic food chain. And awesome.
So, you know, there’s that.

I’m also incredibly excited for a new-joint-project I’m working on with one of the fantastic duo behind Jay Langjeans has so wonderfully agreed to embark on a cyberpunk novel with me. UNTITLED: What’s on your mind? is going to be awesome.
Now, over to the right of your screen are two different RSS feeds. One is from NFW, the other is from The Roundtable Podcast. It is this one you should pay attention too. If my dates are correct, the feed should show my podcast with Dave, Brian, and Cherie Priest.
That’s right. Cherie-freaking-Priest. The Queen of Steampunk.
This lovely woman was kind enough to take time out of her day and hash around Blood on the Quarter with Dave, Brian, and me. It was a great experience and everyone was so very lovely and supportive even though my story is (and was) a giant mess of big ideas trying to squeeze into an itty bitty living space.
Flashpulp is the term I believe Dave coined for the story I’m telling. Which is just awesome. And something that I’m going to use (thank you, Dave!).
And by the way; it is Dave Robison’s birthday today. So go wish him a happy birthday on the Roundtable website!
I’ll wait.
I am very grateful to them all for their input and suggestions. Maybe it got me into a pickle with the story, but it also spawned The Airship Leviathan. A good thing came out of it, and I’m sure another good thing will come once I pick up Blood on the Quarter again.
So please, if you have the time, take a listen to the podcast and then, if you’d like (I promise I won’t bite) come back here and tell me what you think. Feed me suggestions of your own on Blood on the Quarter. If you have an idea, tell me! I can’t promise it will be used when I get back to writing it, but anything is ever so much appreciated.
And, if you’re having a problem with your Work In Progress, have a story idea but aren’t sure where to take it, or are in the market for great writing advice; you can download the roundtable podcast from iTunes or fill out their application on their website. They’re always looking for writers to workshop. It is YOU that makes the show possible!
Listen, learn, write and create literary gold.

Well kiddies, it’s back to work. I’ll see you come September when the blog goes back to its regularly (un)scheduled postings.