A coffee in hand…..

Is worth a brain in the head. Something. How does that saying go?


I have been conspicuously absent from the blog. There was that one time, in the Apple store, when I was waiting for my Genius Bar appointment I started on an entry, but the guy with the glasses and the minimalist blue shirt came up asking if I was indeed whom his iPad said I was and everything went downhill from there as far as the blog goes.

After that, there was the AiUncontainable Art Challenge pre-filming in Philadelphia (never again). Then the actual competition itself  in Austin, Texas (we lost). A new job, new place to live, holiday season, NaNoWriMo (won), etc et al ad nauseum.

The one thing left by the wayside is this little blog. For that, I am profoundly sorry. I forgot how much I like writing for it and what a stress relief it tended to be.  However, I’m not going to promise a regular updating schedule, because we all know how that turned out last time.


I learned a lot from that damn art competition, let me tell you.

That thing.

Ugh. That thing.

Ladies and gentlemen, working with artists is a blessing. You learn quite a bit about yourself and other people, most especially how artists think and work in groups.

Working with other artists (not necessarily writers, but graphic artists, filmmakers, and illustrators) is a bit like herding cats. Some cats don’t mind and, as long as you have food somewhere, will do what you say for the payoff. Other cats want absolutely nothing to do with the thing you are currently doing and remain true to their asshole nature. And still some cats will go chasing the first mouse they see and disappears only to pop up in the most unexpected place, dead mouse in mouth.

It’s surreal and fascinating. And also scary.

Ridiculously scary.

Being on camera, on the other hand. Fuck that. Okay? Fuck that.  I don’t know how actors do it, but kudos to them for having the patience to deal with ‘that was great, now let’s do it…’

I don’t think I have ever wanted to punch someone in the head in my life. Well, I mean, there was this one time in the Navy, but that was more ‘I’ll throw your ass overboard and forget there’s procedure for that sort of thing’. The art project, on the other hand, was one of those rare times I would have willingly done violence to another human being for the sheer pleasure of seeing a broken nose and shutting up a mouth to which ‘witty’ did not-and perhaps has never-applied. But, that’s another blog entry. One which will actually happen. I’m going to explore the idea of ‘scheduled posts’. I hear it’s actually thing and damned useful. And now that I have every other Friday off, I really have no excuse NOT to blog.



During my long absence from the blog, there have been new developments in the ‘writing realm’. What used to be a podcast for short story reading and submission, New Fiction Writers is now an audiobook production company of sorts. With our first book Heart of the Sun (Jennifer Melzer) now available for your ear holes.  Jay Langjeans and I are very excited to be bringing the story to life.

It’s a lot of fun.

More fun than what should probably be legal.

Also you should totally pick it up.


I’m also finally able to announce my involvement in Ed Greenwood’s Onder Librum. A vast gathering of writers, narrators, artists, RPG designers, and a whole bunch of other nerdy people wherein we all get to play around in an equally vast world and produce books, comics, audio productions; all sorts of stuff.

If you’re thinking along the D&D lines, YOU ARE CORRECT, SIR.

That which is hidden.

So excited. My contribution for the Lost Princesses of Mars will be coming to your eye parts November of 2018. So hold on to your seats.

No, seriously, I think it’s running away.

Now, about the blog.

What I may do is introduce you to Alton Bentley, the man who started this entire crazy journey into crime novel writing. I’m allowed to use his original story from the Dirty Magick: New Orleans for my own purposes, so, you know, might just have to take advantage of the thing and try it out.

Why not, right?

The blog is going to be a thing again. I just have to make it a priority and get back into the habit of setting some time aside to write in it. Or draw in it.

I need to get back on that saddle as well.

I’ll try and put my clever cap back on to bring those of you still with me interesting things to read about.

Anything to make the workday go by, amiright?