News! Updates! College!

Oh God, college. Which isn’t bad. Except that I have to take Accounting and Statistics online.

It was the math that killed her.
It was the math that killed her.

My life will officially become centred around math and boring and not-writing related August 18.

Maybe some editing.

Maybe a lot of editing.

Maybe a lot of Iron Jack.

Because I’ll have to do something or else I’ll go mad.

Be prepared for whining posts. Seriously. You might as well just ignore this blog for 8 weeks because I am going to be a grade A whiner. My brain does not do math. Has never done math. And will only do math because I refuse to get anything lower than an ‘A’ in both classes.

R.J. needs a good GPA, baby.

So, in my news, if you didn’t catch it, I was featured on the wonderful Tonia Brown’s blog. In which I talk about werewolves and my intense dislike of my high school Creative Writing teacher.  Also my intense dislike of my MA1 when I was in the Navy. Anger and dislike serve me well when I’m writing apparently.




Coming Soon!
Coming Soon!

July 14th you’ll be able to purchase this awesomeness via Amazon. I highly recommend that you do. Because werewolves are awesome. And Tonia Brown does not disappoint with her books.

In other news:

Delayed, not shelved!
Delayed, not shelved!

Annie was supposed to come out in August. She is now making her debut in October because, for some weird reason I’m sure I’ll explore in another blog post, I can’t write in new places. Mum and I took a trip down to Louisiana for mum’s birthday. There, we visited with my aunt and cousin, ate great food, and I got absolutely no editing done. So, as much as it shames me to say this, Annie has been delayed.


Not forgotten.

The zombie apocalypse is happening in Oklahoma, circa 180-something something *ahemhurmhurm*.

However, NOLA worked her magic on me, and (after Stats and Accounting) I will be working on a new fun thing.

NaNo novel, baby!
NaNo novel, baby!

No, I won’t tell you any more. You’ll have to wait for the madness that is NaNoWriMo. I’m pretty sure I’ll have everything straightened out with life and college by then.

I hope so, anyway.