Hero Handlers

I am so pleased, proud, and ridiculously excited to announce that Shiri’s book Hero Handlers is up for pre-order!

From Amazon:

You know who really gets screwed in the whole “hero” enterprise?
The handler.
All of the blood, guts, and stomach wrenching terror. Broken dates, sudden departures, drinks in the lap. Sleep deprivation. FBI surveillance on your internet traffic because of the drone thing…
And ye gods, the clean up.
All of the crap.
None of the glory.
My name is Rhys Ivar.
I’m that guy.
And compared to me, that dude with the knife at the gunfight is a lucky bastard.
Why am I pleased and proud? Well, for one thing, it’s a fantastic concept, and a f%$king good yarn. Shiri can tell a story. She can really tell a story.
And also, maybe because I had a hand in designing the cover.

This is a story of behind the superhero scenes, told by the guy who has to clean up all of the messes and deal with the drama of working with those special kind of people who decide vigilantism is a great career move.

The book will be available for your Kindle on May 5th. Paperback copies will be available May 8th.

Get yours before the rush!

You won’t regret it, I promise.