Update about the update


Because I am just not clever today. You know I had to go through three different titles for this post before I came up with the one you see now?

Sad, isn’t it?

Ugh. Anyone out there ever have a “fat day”? Don’t look at me like that. Yes, you, with the scandalous eyebrows. You can lower them now. I didn’t mean “fat” like you think I do. I mean “fat” as in “jeebus I feel like poo, bring on the sweatshirt/pants etc.”
Don’t judge me, it’s been a long weekend and I’ve been feeling like crap on and off again.
I blame England. This country needs a damn Midol. Or a rather large tub of ice cream. Either one will do.
Anyway. An update about the update. Because I’m clever (tee hee).
A little while ago I said some things that have since been changed. Mainly to do with Carousel and Death By Default.

After himhawing and wracking my brains for a decent plot device, I have decided that Carousel is really not made to be a full-fledged novel. There’s just not enough there to turn it into one and still have a coherent story. Instead, I’ve decided that it’s going to be my little pet side project and become a series of short stories. Each one will be roughly ten chapters and sort of work out like a mini-television series (I hope. That’s ground I haven’t even touched, let alone thought about). Mind, I don’t know how the hell the story is going to end after said series, but it will be fun to find out.
It will, however, be published! Eventually. On Amazon. Because I’m a damned hypocrite.
If anyone paid attention to my “Big Bad Amazon” post, I know what you’re thinking and I am ashamed of myself.
I still don’t like Amazon and monopolies are bad for business.
But, to be fair, a fair amount of people have a Kindle and I would like to have some kind of a chance with Carousel. It will be available from Smashwords and, hopefully, the Nook and iBooks as well. After I find a decent cover artist, that is.
(If anyone wants to shamelessly plug themselves or an artist friend on my comments section, I would be really appreciative. Not that I’m not going to do my own research, but a little help is always nice.)
Now, this isn’t going to happen for a little while. I’ve got finals and two final papers coming up/due soon. School is eating up what little time my job hasn’t already stolen from me.

Moving on.

I’m shocked, amazed, and just a little giddy over how many people seem to enjoy Grimm’s flash fiction. You guys rock! Originally Death By Default was going to take Carousel’s place as a short story, but, after writing the flash fiction I found myself thinking about how much trouble Grimm can get into and just what would happen if someone stole her daddy’s scythe. And, you know, if that someone was a religious nut job from Florida who just happened to want to become Death and bring Heaven’s wrath down on Earth.
Is this based on that Koran debacle from the same state? Hells yes it is.
Poor Grimm is going to have to figure out a way to fix things and get her scythe back before mum and dad find out or there will be hell to pay. Joining her is Cheesers, the world’s worst Goth kid who may or may not like like her, and her reapers Rod and Domino.
It’s going to be my first attempt at a YA novel.
And I’m excited for it.

Well, as excited as I can be while trying to hammer out a decent first draft of my perpetually work-in-progress Blood on the Quarter. Once again, I blame work and school and their monopoly of my time and energy. But, with the purchase of Index Card (for iPad) the story is slowly coming together. It seems that there is outlining and then there’s outlining. One is vastly different, and more in depth, than the other. And most certainly the process I am going to go through with Death By Default and BOTQ’s sequel The Nightly-Edition.
I do have a little counter, though! Because I need a visual bitchslap to get my ass moving on the story.
Procrastination is a big problem with this story, it seems.

Ladies and gentlemen, it seems we are coming to the end of our broadcast day. I have one last quiz in my management class and then it is off to collapse into my bed to listen to Dracula and pass the hell out.
There may or may not be a new flash fiction posted tonight. We’ll see.