The Airship Leviathan

Somewhere on the Gulf of Mexico, 1917

On a mission for His Majesty the King, the mixed crew of the HMS Red Riding Hood find themselves in deadly combat with a lone German U Boat. Nearly sunk, their nearest port is the Free French Port of New Orleans, not yet assimilated into the divided United States. Questions abound to the U Boat’s location and her destruction. Rumours fly as to what it was hunting down.
Bruised but not broken, Captain Gregory Moore returns his crew to the Airship Leviathan, fresh from her dry dock repairs. Given one last chance for King and Country, they’re braving the waters, hunting the thing hunting them.

But Captain Moore has a traitor on board. A man freed from his military association under mundane circumstances. A man who will do anything to make a name for himself.
Something waits in the deep.

The Germans want it as a weapon. The King of England wants it destroyed. The crew of the Leviathan just want to make it out alive.