Short Fiction

I do these things sometimes.


Have ten minutes?

On your lunch break in a ridiculously long line and need something to take your mind off how much you want to punch the guy taking his sweet time ordering at the head of the line in the back of the head?

I’ve got plenty of flash fictions for you to satisfy your urge to do violence against the guy who should have really used his time in line to figure out what he wanted to eat, instead of wasting your valuable time pulling his head from his ass just to choose between the chicken salad or some special with a name you’re not sure you know how to pronounce.

At least there’s a picture to give you an idea of what it is, right? Too bad it’s an IN YOUR FACE picture, demanding you eat that thing with the hard-to-pronounce name RIGHT NOW.

Because it’s healthy for you.

I have your distraction right here!

Flash fictions, all 1,000 words each. Choose! Read! Don’t punch the guy in the back of the head!

Talk to me!

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