Denise Lhamon

421 Atlas St. WSMR, NM | 208.599.3357 |


To use my artistic and creative skills to produce high-end, professional results to help increase brand presence and help inspire company confidence, trust, and growth


Bachelors of Science | Spring 2017 | art institutes of Pittsburgh Online

  • Major: Media Arts and Animation
  • Related coursework: Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3DS Max, Adobe Creative Suite

Skills & Abilities


  • Lead waitress/caterer for the RAF Mildenhall Galaxy Club. Responsible for a staff of five.
  • Developed training plans, feedback sessions, and ensured staff had proper training in safety, food handling, and restaurant procedures.
  • Designed graphics and place cards for events, collaborated on publication of events, and ensured proper table settings and theme design.
  • Oversaw the installations Change of Command ceremony, responsible for proper theme, design, and execution.


  • Participated in San Francisco and Portland, Oregon Fleet Week as part of the US Navy Maritime Expeditionary Force. Responsible for interacting with the public in a professional manner and educating public on featured ships. Served as crowd control and first entry control point sentry. Roving watch.
  • Management and Program Assistant, responsible for written and oral communication. First to answer the phones. The voice of the Directorate of Public Works.
  • Co-host of the Weekly Podioplex, host of the segment ‘Quick Flicks’. Co-Host of the Last Frontier podcast.
  • Created a Directorate of Public Works (DPW) Handbook and Self-Help Guide for newcomers and existing White Sands Missile Range employees and soldiers.
  • Responsible for writing/maintaining the ‘DPW Corner’ a monthly update in the installation newspaper.


  • Junior Captain of the Clearfield High School Class of ’05 swim team.
  • JROTC Rangers co-captain.


Hero Handlers | Book Trailer | December 2016-Present

Working with author Shiri Sondheimer to plan, produce, and animate a trailer based on her superhero novel Hero Handlers.

  • Designed characters based on novel description and author’s input
  • Developed storyboards incorporating all major plot points and put them together in such a way as to draw interest to the book.
  • Developed animatic to act as a blueprint for future, full-length animation.

Graphic Designer/Book Cover Designer | Freelance |March 2016-Present

Working with various authors to create unique book covers to draw interest to the written content and boost sales.

  • Responsible for seeing the book cover go from concept to finished design in a timely manner, working with the author(s) to ensure book cover matches and enhances the written content.
  • Helps to drive sales.
  • Responsible for unique designs never to be reproduced.

Management and Program Assistant | US ARMY |March 2016-Present

Responsible for providing support and assistance to the Division Chief and Senior Analysts in data mining and generating reports.

  • Responsible for maintaining the ‘DPW Corner’ a monthly update in the installation newspaper.
  • Created a DPW Handbook and Self Help guide for installation newcomers.
  • Created Welcome Aboard package.