Denise Lhamon, writing and drawing under the name Riley James Keith, spends her time as a secretary and a college student deep in the heart of the American Southwest. She spends her time between art classes to catch up on her homework and re-watch Star Trek: The Original Series. When she’s not too busy, she writes books and draws pretty pictures. When she must venture out into the world, you can find her walking her dog or playing Magic: The Gathering.

She hopes to one day channel her love of writing and storyboards into a comic book career and possibly move from The Original Series to The Next Generation.

But let’s not get our hopes up.


  1. You are terrific. I would love to taste tea in the UK and I have friends who’d like me to come, so perhaps one day. I think I have a future daughter-in-law that would enjoy going with me too and even a daughter.

    I agree with you on many points and am excited to read your posts. I don’t make it in here often, but will try more often. And like you, I like to be anonymous.

  2. If I had a dog I guess I\’d dance to my iPod (if I had get the picture…).Love the fact that you are a Tea Drinking Transatlantic Steam Punk Wordsmith.The World needs more of you (us!).Discovered you on Chuck Wendigs blog which is a revelation if not totally out there!

  3. Do you have a tutorial RJ on how to become a top Steampunker…? As a Robert (Bobby )Johnson disciple(who isn’t?) the Crossroads Cafe is one of my favourite haunts…

    1. I wish I did! As a beginning Steampunker myself, I’m always on the lookout for tips and how-tos, even with my writing! I’ve tried to devour everything Steampunk within my grasp. But being in an English village limits my con trips and work limits my festival attendance.

  4. Fascinating. Going to roll my red supersized icosahedron of doom and hope I get a 20… (and not leave it on 8, for Odin’s sake!) Then maybe I will understand this madness we call sanity… wait… what was I talking about?

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