“Lucy, I’m home!”

Back from the dead more like, amiright?

I swear I’m not a zombie.

Please put the pitchforks down. And the guns.

You can kill somebody with those things.
You can kill somebody with those things.

I’m sorry I’ve been gone so long, little blog. It’s not because I hate you, or I’m angry at you, or a hundred different other reasons that I know went through your little head.  It’s not you, it’s me. Actually, no, I take that back, it’s not either of us.

It’s college.

And that book that I always said I would write but looked like I would never complete.

Well, I completed the thing and it’s just waiting for me to put in the final edits, load into Createspace, and release it. I’m ridiculously happy with everything about it, and I can’t wait to share it with you guys.

Not yet, though. No, no. Not yet. Ya’ll won’t see it until September time. And then the madness will begin.

Maybe not that crazy...
Maybe not that crazy…

As for college?

I’m so close to graduation. I’ve only got a few more months and, if you can keep it in your head that I don’t hate you guys, I promise I’ll try to update this thing more often. I can’t promise anything concrete, because 3D work continues to be a ridiculously steep learning curve that doesn’t seem to want to get along with me no matter how hard I try. It’s a mountain, and I’m trying to roll a ball uphill.

So, you know, love you guys, but I want to f$^king graduate with my sanity intact.

Also, I’ve learned that I can’t talk about my book and try to write it at the same time. That doesn’t seem to work. Once I signed off of the blog and concentrated (also had a few deadlines staring down my throat, AND sent off a draft to my editor because if I didn’t I wasn’t ever going to) the writing happened.


Whilst I love you all very much, I won’t be telling you WHAT I’m writing, only that I AM writing. And, if you see me disappear for a few months at a time, the writing is why. Never fear, though! I have things planned. Things that will be exclusive to the blog.

Which also my be a way for me to beg for forgiveness, but semantics, right? RIGHT?

Have I mentioned that I love you all?

All of the love.
All of the love. ALL OF IT.

I do have a Tumblr though, where I’m updating all of my art. Well, trying to update my art. Like the blog, actual updates are few and far between. I literally have a bunch of images in my Dropbox waiting to be uploaded that have been sitting there since I started school. I would use DeviantArt – probably should – but I have a love/hate relationship with the platform. Tumblr is easier and much more fun. One of these days (years) I’ll get DeviantArt going again and make a professional go of it.

I know what you’re saying to yourself: so many plans, so little execution.

I know. I know. I will try and get better.

When things slow down, I can go back to blogging. Because I really have missed you guys, and a year of creating has taught me a lot about myself and the process as a whole.

More posts are to come.

I’m back.

Sort of.

No, really. I’m back.



5 thoughts on ““Lucy, I’m home!”

  1. Woo hoo! September is right around the corner! Glad you’re still alive Sweetie. Hang in there, I just know you’ll rock your finals and graduate with bells on. Or something. 🙂

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