B is for something that starts with B.

There are plenty of words that start with B. Books start with ‘b’, bees start with ‘b’, the list goes on and on.
Unfortunately for you guys, I am not clever enough today to come up with an entry that solely has to do with B words.
I could do a post about bingeing, and I did do that with Arrow not too long ago, but I mean, what do you talk about when you say ‘hey, you should totally binge watch this show?’
You talk about the hours given to the television screen and couch whilst you glue your eyes to the pretty moving pictures, getting your emotions pushed through the ringer all in the name of “holy dear Jesus on a jumping stick this is AMAZING’.

It really is, too.
It really is, too.

Arrow is a great show. Except for the thing that they’re doing with Felicity right now. It’s irritating and I don’t like it. I’ve dubbed it the ‘love interest syndrome’ where they take a perfectly great female lead that everyone loves and is totally shipping with the main guy, they finally put her with the main guy, something happens to the main guy and then she turns whiny and needy and what is the point of her again?
For whatever reason, television writers don’t seem to know what to do with the girlfriend or the wife.

I'm looking at you, Katrina.
I’m looking at you, Katrina.

It’s horrible. Makes you wish you’d never shipped them in the first place. If not, you wouldn’t be disappointed.
Granted, in the superhero game, my loyalties lie with CW’s The Flash.
Because Barry.


He’s the nerd boyfriend I’ve never had but always wanted.
He makes my geeky heart happy.
And I totally have a DC New 52 Flash Funko Pop.

No shame.
No shame.

I actually kind of like it when I wait for the full season of a show to already have aired. I can watch it all at once or one at a time. This whole week to week thing is ridiculous. And iTunes didn’t even bother to sit there and update their Musketeers cache so I could watch the latest episode. I had to go over to Amazon and watch.
What kind of shit is that?

Yes. I know. First world problems. Oh poor little American girl who can watch shows and doesn’t have to worry about much in her life blah blah blah blah whine moan oh woe is me whine.

Bugger off, you.

I couldn’t think of a better blog entry.

They can’t all be deep and meaningful, can they? I can’t always talk about books and writing and art.

Sometimes a girl has gotta ramble.

About something that starts with B.

Except not because I’m not that clever tonight.


2 thoughts on “B is for something that starts with B.

  1. janeydoe57 says:

    Ooh THE FLASH! I guess I’m going to have to catch up on Arrow. The only time I saw Felicia and he as a couple was when they were setting a trap. We’ve let our cache of Arrow slide in favor of gritty realism with The Wire.

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