Update? We don’t need no stinking update!

Well, maybe you don’t, but I feel bad about not updating anyway so there.


Maybe it’s been a week. Maybe it’s been longer. Honestly? Nowadays they just run together. It can be f&%king November for all I know. And, if it is, don’t tell me because NaNoWriMo reasons.

The monthy writing thing...
The monthy writing thing…

I HAVE been writing, however.

Well. Okay. Not writing.


Don’t tell Shiri.

I won’t say Annie is done, but she just got a whole lot more exciting. And weird.


Coming soon to this blog near you: I will be adding my pictures! YAY! I have a deviantArt account, but because this is the thing I kind of update, I’ll add a whole pretty static page or some such thing to the blog where you guys can see my artwork. Some of them will be available for purchase through deviantArt if you so choose.

Also coming to the blog will be a podcast! That’s right, I’m jumping back onto the microphone and bringing back the New Fiction Writers podcast! Jay and I will be talking about plenty of things; sometimes with guests, sometimes with the two of us. We’ll also have something called the BBC.


Not that.
See what I did there?


No, not that BBC. Ours is the Bad Book Club where he and I will be discussing books both good and bad.

Expect opinions.

Lots of them.

And quite possibly groans.

Because I *will* be reading the Twilight series.

Cthulhu save my soul.

I won’t give you guys a solid date on Annie. I hope to have her out by Christmas, but if I’ve learned anything (and if you’ve been paying attention to the blog, you should have learned by now) it’s that I am not so good with my own book deadlines.

Mainly because this time because I’ve realised that there are a few things I still need to learn about characters v. devices.

Which I will be blogging about as soon as I get a free minute.


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