Writer’s Low*

*Not, in fact, writer’s block.

I have mentioned that I’m terrible at updating this thing, haven’t I? I’m pretty sure I have. Just in case I haven’t : I’m pretty terrible at updating this thing.

I got a little better there for a bit, but then there was a gap which I’m not too proud of. To be fair, I had finals. And finals pretty quickly kicked my butt. Especially my Visual Arts final. Good lord.

Yes. To everything that this is. Yes.
Yes. To everything that this is. Yes.

Markers are expensive awesome, but there is only so much you can do with them, and I’m not quite sure I did everything I wanted too.

Maybe I should have made it look more like a comic book? I dunno.
Maybe I should have made it look more like a comic book? I dunno.

With the energy of the writer’s high, I figured it was going to carry me through finals and right back into writing.

Not so.

With every high there is a low. And I’ve been low for a little while now.

sad panda
sad panda

It’s not that haven’t wanted to write. For a little while there, it was all I could do to make myself do other things on my to-do list because I knew, if I got started on Annie,  I wouldn’t stop and everything else would have to wait until my needs were met.

Because I’m a terrible person like that.

I counted on the writer’s high to carry me through until everything was marked off on my list, and I could really sit down and give Annie the attention she deserves.

Must. Not. Blink.
Must. Not. Blink.


What I didn’t count on was exhaustion from having back to back 5 1/2 week classes. The only break I’ve gotten was over Christmas, and that was for a week where I still kind of had things to do, and I still kind of did them a little bit.

Final render took around twelve hours.
Final render took around twelve hours.

The double-edged sword has been the relative easier workload of these last two classes and my current ones. Oh, there’s a lot of research in Survey of Animation, but I like research. It’s fun. Having the load eased a bit, works but it doesn’t. Heavy workload means little time to think and more time for scheduling and writing rewards. Easier workload means I’m getting done early in the evening and wandering around, not sure of what I should actually be doing.

And life has a way of sticking problems to you when you’re least prepared to handle them.

Thanks, life. Love you too.

Exhaustion leads into a change of mood and a shift in life outlooks. It’s not a good mixture for a writer.

That, and I quite desperately possibly need a vacation. To somewhere with a beach.

Nothin but sun, surf, and miles of sand.
Nothin but sun, surf, and miles of sand.

Writer’s low isn’t fun. It’s when real life sets in and you have to deal with those pesky problems of being an adult. I’m not the best at facing confrontation head on, never have been, but being an adult means you have to grow up some time, right?

I’m getting back in the saddle, slowly. I’ve got a Bible going because Annie has decided she wants to be part of an epic, and Shiri tells me you can’t have an epic without a Bible. I’m inclined to believe her.

So my darlings, I’m getting back into the swing of things. The blog will be getting back to normal, and so will I.



4 thoughts on “Writer’s Low*

  1. Bubbe says:

    Hang in there! You’re entitled to some down time; I for one, will not rush you (she says, surreptitiously sliding the comic book from under the mattress). 😀

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