Watchlist 2014

I probably should have done this way back when lists like this were important. But, I’m lazy. And behind the power curve. And also busy with school and trying to catch up on things I promised people things back in 2013. You know, when I was still going to school for accounting.

This is what happens when you ask me to do accumulated depreciation calculations.
This is what happens when you ask me to calculate accumulated depreciation WITHOUT ALL OF THE RELEVANT NUMBERS.

Needless to say, I have a pretty full list.  Within that list, however, are things that I’m not so much producing, as I am enjoying their production. Populating that list is as follows:

Listening To:

The Last Chance Salon Podcast : This podcast is awesome. It reminds me of NPR or the Ricky Gervais show. You have two people, both with brains in their heads arguing about geeky things. From books to comics, movies and their own writing techniques, this podcast is worth the hour long running time. Shiri is the modern girl and Luke is the classical man who has his own opinions on Issac Asimov.

Which, you know, it’s cool man. It’s cool. Still kinda wanna strangle him a little bit. Especially with the part about author intent and how, you know, Kubrick got it COMPLETELY WRONG.


If you are like me and have a serious dislike of the radio, including Sirius Satellite Radio,

Commercial free my ass.
Commercial free my ass.

give these guys a listen. And quite possibly argue with Luke in the car whilst you’re commuting.

I know I do.

What I’m Reading:


I’m a huge history buff with certain, small obsessions. Back in 2009, 300 awoke a desire in me to learn more about the Persian Empire and what really happened back in the Battle of Thermopylae. This book, though published in 2005, is the BEST book I have read on the subject. It encompasses the beginnings of the Persian and Greek empires, takes us through the rise and fall of Darius, Marathon, Xerxes, Thermopylae and beyond. You won’t find a better book that gives insight to both sides of the story and casts an interesting light on, not only the Persians, but the Spartans and the Greeks as well. I have a special place in my heart for the warmongering Spartans, and this book really puts their society into perspective. The Athenian society as well, if you are at all interested in learning where our modern Democratic system came from.

It’s just too bad that whole exiling for ten years thing went away. Can we bring that back?


There are three military books I like: The General’s Daughter, The Hunt for Red October, and Gates of Fire.

Gates of Fire I’ve read five times. General’s Daughter comes in at three. Steven Pressfield does an amazing job of taking us back to Greece and the Battle of Thermopylae. Told from the mouth of a fictitious Spartan Squire who lived through the battle long enough to go back to Sparta and relay the information, Steven Pressfield gives light to a war that Herodotus wrote about and historians have since expanded on with less colour and imagination. Ya’ll know my rating system. This book gets a 4.5 because from page one you’re sucked into a battle re-mastered with historical fact, and fiction’s flair.

What I’m Watching:

2014-03-13 21.50.39

Please excuse the terrible calligraphy. It’s not my strong suit.

Also on the list:

Sleepy Hollow

Anybody see that ending coming?
Anybody see that ending coming?

Game of Thrones

You know nothing, Jon Snow.
You know nothing, Jon Snow.

Doctor Who


Hannibal Season 2

Hello, Graham.
Hello, Graham.

What I’m producing:

If you’ve noticed, the BACARTIS sidebar is gone. It’s getting its own blog to better showcase all of the authors and to give me more room to offer things you won’t be able to get on the blog. Keep your eye on this space for details as I get closer to the release date.

It's coming back
It’s coming back

My poor podcast is coming back. Jay and I are working on a new show with guest hosts and a whole slew of conversation to have.


Just like I promised, Annie will be the first book I release. I’m going to try for a small publisher, but I don’t know if they’ll take her. Whichever way I go, Annie is coming, zombies and airships in tow.

Keep your eye on this space, guys.

You won’t want to miss a thing!


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