Saving Drake: A Romance, A Review

Oh Dan, would that I had half of your talent. I would die a happy woman.

Before I begin, those of you who have been around this blog for a while, know my review policy. For those of you who don’t, or who haven’t been around long enough, the short and sweet is; I will never give a book or movie five stars. It defeats the purpose of a review. How annoying is it to go into Amazon and see a five star review consisting of OH MY GOD THIS THING IS AWESOME (insert your own choice of spelling here). Conversely, one star reviews amount to the same thing. So, my rating system ranges from 1.5 to 4.5 with 4.5 being the highest I will ever give something.

And now you know.

If you don't know the reference you fail at life.
If you don’t know the reference you fail at life.


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Dan Mader has a special kind of talent. He is the best parts of Raymond Chandler and Mario Puzzo mushed together,

able to get in dirty with his characters and bring out the most human of emotions to the page. Why he isn’t on the NY Bestseller’s list I honestly do not know. But he should be. Each of his books is a character study and each of them is worth every penny.

This book right here.
This book right here.

From Amazon:

Rachel and Drake fall in love by accident.

They meet by chance – mutual attraction, an alignment of coincidence and wit. Drake is haunted by a love, long lost. Rachel’s faith in love will be tested to the breaking point. This is how people fall in love – typical conceptions of ‘love and romance’ need not apply.

‘Saving Drake’ is a real love story (no bodices were ripped in the making).

(a novella)

I was sucked in from page one, in love with the characters by page three, and crying by page ten. By page fifteen I was expecting a betrayal that never happened, and by the end I was laughing and smiling, happy the novella ended the way it did and sad because so much hurt had to be endured first.

The funny thing about real love is that it never happens the way Hollywood shows us it’s supposed to, and though Dan does keep with the emotional turning point, he shows us characters that could be anyone we know rather than Disney caricatures that have the Happily Ever After entitlement and typical storytelling says they’re going to get.

Drake is a writer terrified by love because it’s been ripped from him before. Rachael is a girl who winds up at a party she doesn’t want to be at and meets the man who will change preconceived notions. Jen is the best friend who parties to fill the void, and there is a little out of the way diner that provides the back drop for pain and reconciliation; laughter and sadness and ultimately, forgiveness.

Love blossoms in the strangest of circumstances.

The novella is $2.99 on Amazon. Give it a read why don’t you?


7 thoughts on “Saving Drake: A Romance, A Review

  1. JD Mader says:

    What an awesome Monday surprise! Thanks for the lovely review. I appreciate the kind words, and I’m thrilled you enjoyed SD. 🙂

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