Why Disney Got It Right

For seventy five some odd years, we’ve been treated to Disney princess movies that have been about one thing.

The girl gets the guy.

How she gets the guy is entirely left up to the screen writer, but the end result is pretty much the same. Girl gets the guy, happily ever after, hooray.

Except it’s not hooray because, let’s be honest, Disney is pretty messed up once you read between the lines.

I really don’t need a caption for this, do I?

There’s been hope held out for change. For Disney to realise that it really kind of is corrupting little girls and adding to the body-conscious-you’re-only-as-good-as-the-man-you-land atmosphere little girls are growing up in. TLC does not help this either. But we’re not talking about them. Honey Boo-Boo and Toddler and Tiaras is a whole other blog post. Anyway.

Little by little, Disney branched out. Just a little.

She was first.
She was first.

Still got the guy in the end. She was still gorgeous, but she had spunk. And an actual, you know, personality. Which, I like to think makes a teeny bit of difference.

And then Disney really took a leap.

*gasp* a Princess movie with no prince?!
*gasp* a Princess movie with no prince?!

Then they took two giant leaps backward.


For Disney, a princess movie that focused on  a girl growing up was huge. Someone just needs to tie their Marketing Manager up by their thumbs and give them a really good kick.

Maybe a lashing.

Or three.

And then, this happened.

And this REALLY needed to happen.

I’m not going to ruin the movie for you. I refuse. What I will tell you is that the movie is loosely based on the Snow Queen book and that Walt wanted to make it into a movie when he was still alive. It’s been in the works for a very, very long time. It’s full of musical numbers, that are a little silly, but dear Jesus Idina Menzel can sing. And she sings her heart out as Elsa, the girl blessed (or cursed?) with the power of snow. Her sister Anna is a warmhearted-if a little air headed-girl who just wants to be close to her sister again. When a tragedy happens at sea, Elsa as the eldest, is crowned Queen. Her secret is discovered when her sister Anna asks for her blessing to marry a man she just met (literally) five minutes ago. A happy occasion is ruined, and Elsa retreats into the mountains causing a catastrophic snowstorm to cover her kingdom in a blanket of white. It’s up to Anna to set things right. With a little help.

But who will it be?

Mr. Nice?

Mr. Ice?

Or no man at all?

The movie is great. It’s fun. It’s sweet. And it makes you question just what ‘true love’ actually means. There’s a real story behind the beautiful animation, with secondary characters that are fully developed and have motives that are human failings rather than disproportionate realisations of ultimate evil and goodness.

Please, go see it. For once, for absolutely ONCE in it’s long history of warping little girls, Disney has real, strong, independent  female characters that can stand on their own as women (yes, they’re gorgeous with tiny waists, but I’m not nit picking here), and proves that women are just as good as men at saving the world.

And that, above all things, is what we need to see on the big screen.



Olaf, the little snow man guy? F&$king adorable.

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