A little party (never killed nobody)

I could go on a rant about my stupid government. I really, really could. I could sit here and bitch about how I really want to choke Senator Ted Cruz with a plate of green eggs and ham, or how Speaker John Boehner’s balls have made a permanent residence in his wife’s purse.

Don't forget your tampons on the way to work, sweetie.
Don’t forget your tampons on the way to work, sweetie.

Or about how he needs to lose the skirt he is so obviously wearing (it doesn’t match his shoes), and how is it that a small faction of crazies can overrule our entire government, but I’m not gonna.

I really, really want too, because I am seriously pissed off, but I’m not gonna. I’m gonna write something else, because it doesn’t do me any good to rant.

You know, I very nearly cussed out the Oklahoma representative? Sat there and wrote him a long email detailing out how he isn’t doing his job.

Didn’t get me anywhere, but I felt better doing it.

And what happened? They shut down the government. Why?

Because. Well, the other side is stupid.


Remember what happened to her?

Over healthcare.

Health. Care.

National healthcare.


The thing that Europe and Canada have had since the 40s. Maybe later for Canada, I’m not sure. Point is, my country is so goddamned backward, that it is unthinkable to have national healthcare. Because it will kill jobs. Because the people don’t want it. Because statistics (twitch) show that the American people don’t want it. Because it will kill the economy.

Over one million people signed up for it on the first day. A million people. They went onto a market place (which, by my understanding is the epitome of capitalism) and shopped around for a plan that worked best for them, and bought the plan.

What was it about Americans not wanting it again?

You know, not like we do that with car insurance or anything..
You know, not like we shop around for car insurance or anything..

But no. No. No. No. Americans don’t want it. They DON’T WANT IT. It’ll ruin jobs. It’s the antichrist! OBAMA IS THE ANTICHRIST! Statistics prove that (insert per-centage here) of Americans…Well, according to the recent polls….”Sir, which do you prefer, the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare?” “Well, the Affordable Care Act! It’s right there in the name, isn’t it?”

“Ma’am, do you like Obamacare?”


“What about the Affordable Care Act?”

“Oh yeah!”



Think I’m making this up?

Shocking. Isn’t it?

I’m not even sure why affordable healthcare is an issue in this country. Personally, I like the idea. I LOVE the idea because it takes the worry away of not being able to get seen at the hospital because I can’t afford it. Because I have decided to be an artist/writer when I grow up. And I’d really, really, like to be able to be seen by a doctor. Outside of the VA. Because let me tell you, making an appointment with that establishment is insanity itself.

So, why the rhetoric? I think because the Tea Partiers didn’t think of it first. Or maybe because they’re terrified the system will work, and God help them when enough Americans sign up. If the law gets repealed, there will be no more healthcare. No more healthcare that people have paid into means a huge chunk out of the economy.

And well, we can’t have that.

Stocks are already falling.

Bye, bye, Wall Street.
Bye, bye, Wall Street.

It’s only a matter of time before investors start freaking out. If they haven’t already.

Oh God. I went on a rant, didn’t I? I was totally gonna write a quick flash fiction piece because it’s been buzzing around in my head, but I got the better of myself.

Sorry, guys. It’s not been a fun time these last four days. Mum, who has been a government worker for the last twelve years, has been furloughed. For myself, the VA runs out of money on the 15th of this month. When that happens, I have to hope and pray the Art Institutes of Pittsburgh will come up with a way to help its military students out, because I rely on the GI BILL for college. That BAH I get is what’s rebuilding my bank account.

If I seem a little touchy in this post, I’m truly sorry. It just boggles my mind that 50 year old men have decided that crossing their arms over their chest and refusing to talk to each other is the best way to run the government.  And I blame both sides. And the President. No one is exempt from my scorn and distaste. If I could, I would do like the Cardinals do when they’re choosing a new Pope and lock them in the ghat-damned Senate. They get food, but they don’t get to come out until they decide on how to run the government.

Or, you know, they die. Whichever comes first.

If this teaches the American people anything, it should be caution when voting from now on. The American political system is mired in money and back door deals. It’s fueled by corporations who want want want. They want the EPA to go away. They want to cut corners. They want bigger tax cuts. And the easiest way to get it? A monopoly. Mario Puzo said it in The Godfather, and he isn’t wrong. When you have a monopoly, you get the money. And make no mistake, as it stands right now, the Tea Party has a monopoly on our government. Don’t let them get away with it. Vote them the hell out of Washington and the hell out of your state.

Somewhere, the real Boston Tea Partiers are screaming bloody murder.

I wonder if Sleepy Hollow will touch on it.







13 thoughts on “A little party (never killed nobody)

  1. Yvonne Hertzberger says:

    They rant about democracy but close down the government with a minority group. I was taught that democracy meant representation by the majority – and the majority WANT Affordable Health Care/Obamacare. WTF! And those peoons are dragging the rest of the world down with them – all for PRIDE. And isn’t that one of the cardinal sins?

    1. rjkeith says:

      From what I remember of my History Channel and NatGeo programs, Pride is a Cardinal Sin, and is represented by the colour blue. Also, Poe touched on it in the Masque of the Red Death with the blue room. But see, as the Tea Party sees it, they’re ‘saving America’. For whom, I’m not sure. Those of who live in the real world understand that America thrives on change and embrace what’s happening with Gay Marriage and support women in our struggle for equal and reproductive rights. The Tea Party (who, I’m pretty sure, live in echo chambers) want the America of 50 years ago. Where the very rich are very rich, there’s a white picket fence around every front yard, 2.5 kids, and a woman who stays at home, smile plastered on her pretty face. The ‘white bread’ America that should have died a LONG time ago, but for whatever reason is still alive in the minds of those men that were voted into office.
      Democracy IS a majority system, but thanks to John Boehner’s balls being buried somewhere deep in his wife’s purse, it’s become a minority takeover.

      1. David Antrobus says:

        A little scary. You could almost argue it’s a (bloodless, at least so far) coup by the far right. When that happens in Europe, usually blood follows. Worrying.

  2. rjkeith says:

    You are not wrong, Yvonne. I remember an Irish cook I worked with back in England tell me he would die if he ever came to the States. He has Chrons disease, among other things. He told me if he came to the States, he wouldn’t be seen because our insurance companies would never cover him. He isn’t wrong. But, because of the NHS, he gets the treatment he desperately needs to keep him going.
    What does that say about our system?

    And, as much as it worries me David, maybe a little blood is what America needs to re-set her system. Didn’t a historian, or a historical figure, say there’s a revolution every twenty years or so?

    1. Yvonne Hertzberger says:

      The funny thing is, healthy people are more productive and health care actually saves money because of that. Those rich right-wingers with fat wallets don’t want to let any of their money or power go, even if it means people die ans the economy goes bankrupt. They are holding their country – indeed the entire world hostage. For what? Their own selfish lust for money and power. The thing is, if they persist that will be lost, too, so the big chicken game will backfire on them, too.

      1. rjkeith says:

        Exactly! And, if our government has shown anything, it’s their love of money. So, logically, one would think they would be behind the healthcare bill 100% because, hey, it’s gonna make us a buttload of money! Because sick people can’t work. When someone can’t work, they can’t pay their insurance/medical bill. With an affordable insurance plan, sick people can get better and can pay their bills. It’s a win/win for everybody. AND a boost for the medical world. More healthcare means more jobs. More jobs means better economy. How ‘ObamaCare’ is a bad thing, I do not understand. Artists and other creative types everywhere should be dancing in the streets because FINALLY we don’t have to worry about the doctor for that bad cough which may or may not be serious v. paying the rent.

      2. Yvonne Hertzberger says:

        Yes, exactly. But it’s a sociological truism that those ‘above’ just don’t ‘get’ the problems of those ‘below’. They just don’t see it. Even the more liberal minded don’t understand the effects of poverty, poor health, and lack of education. So many believe that it’s lack of effort that keeps the poor on poverty. They cite the occasional success story as an example and believe anyone can do what that person did. They have no clue.

        Like when Marie Antoinette said “Let ehm eat cake” when they told her the people had not bread she meant that quite literally. She didn’t understand that no bread meant no food, period. It was beyond her vision of reality.

        Like, cutting down the rainforests is bad. So we condemn the slash and burn in South America. But if you had to choose between that and watching your kids starve to death what would you do? We don’t see past our own noses.And even more, we don’t see that raising everyone to a level that keeps them healthy and educated also makes all those other aims they sermonize about so self-righteously possible.

        And now, I think I’d better get off MY soapbox.

      3. rjkeith says:

        I agree with your soapbox. Hell, I’m on the same one. As a species, we can be narrow-minded. We are also survivalists. Evident in healthcare itself. Women who have access to great healthcare are more likely to put off having children. Why? Because it isn’t necessary for her survival. While the opposite is true if a woman doesn’t have access to even the most basic of healthcare. The more children she has, the more likely her genetic material is to survive. Money only complicates things. We, looking on the outside of a millionaire applying for bankruptcy can say “well he/she should have known better!” and be self-righteous about it. Except that millionaire did not know any better. He/she did not (literally) understand that his/her money WOULD eventually run out. Because that’s what money does if not invested properly. But, because the human brain cannot fathom the sheer amount of money given, it thinks nothing of spend, spend, spending because there will always be more. Except there isn’t. Which, can be said of the government right now. The money has run out, honey, shocking those who are in power. For a while, the American government was running high. Dumb, fat, and happy, on its own superiority. Now, because of bad business decisions, the money is running out. It’s all-and has been-a knee jerk reaction that doesn’t need to happen. There’s a smarter way of going about things before Madame Guillotine finds her way in the Reflecting Pool, waiting for her first victim.

      4. Yvonne Hertzberger says:

        True. And I’m with David. I hope this whole mess doesn’t blow up into bloodshed. People will only stand for so much before they make their minds known in the only way open to them.

  3. Bubbe says:

    I hope this doesn’t make you hate me :(. I don’t agree with all your points. Some of them, sure. But the thing I keep coming back to about the health care law is that the government is now REQUIRING people to sign up for some form of health insurance. To me that’s the same as England forcing the colonists to pay the tea tax. I don’t think the Boston Tea Partiers would be rolling over in their graves about the uproar over the health care act.

    I say bring on the health care act! Give those who make only minimum wage or are self-employed an option – that’s the right thing to do. I don’t want to deny anyone health care. Hell, quite a few of my daughters will probably benefit from the law. But why must they FORCE everyone to be part of it? If, as everyone says, the majority of Americans want this, why must the Powers That Be make it illegal NOT to have insurance?

    I agree wholeheartedly that the @ssholes in DC are handling it all wrong. Unfortunately, I don’t know how we fix that. The government has been shut down 17 times since 1977. 17 TIMES. So this is not a new phenomenon and can’t be laid entirely at the Tea Party’s door. Disclaimer: I am not currently a member of any party, but I lean Libertarian.

    And now I will climb off my soapbox and hope you’re still “speaking” to me. Love you!

    1. rjkeith says:

      I could never, ever, EVER hate you, Bubbe!
      I’m young. This is the first government shutdown I’ve ever really experienced. The last one was when I was in grade school, I don’t remember much of it. I do agree with you that it’s not right for a government to FORCE a people to sign up for a healthcare program. If you don’t want what they’re offering, certainly don’t opt into the program. That’s an American right. It should remain an American right.
      My only thought in this matter is that they want to be able to afford the healthcare. If everyone opts into it, then it’s paid for. But, that’s why there are taxes, no?
      For a long time now, I’ve had the idea that Americans (certainly not all) are happy taking and giving nothing back. It’s the ‘gimme’ generation, and I don’t like one bit of it. That has to end. The bloody shutdown needs to end. The crazy has got to stop.
      I do agree with you, though, no people should have to be forced into something they don’t necessarily want.
      Love you!

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