Statistics is stupid (or why I write with the door closed)

Please don’t hate me.

I have gotten next to no editing done on Annie.

She’s sitting at chapter three right now. Well below where I need to be to send her out to Beta readers and have enough of a cushion to get their feedback and fix anything before her release date.

It’s all college’s fault.

Hand to whatever God you want to believe in. I have spent the last week doing nothing but statistics and accounting. A week that culminated in a 66% on a statistics quiz and me in the bath tub, sobbing. Not because I’m stupid-I’m really not-but because math just doesn’t want to click for me. Algebra (back in high school) was at least understandable. All you had to do was find X. Easy enough, because there were other numbers around X to let you know which ones you were allowed to use and what you needed to do with them.

still easier to understand than statistics
still easier to understand than statistics

The problem with statistics is the same thing with accounting. If you don’t pay attention-and at least have a general idea of what the hell you’re doing-the numbers aren’t going to add up right. Oh sure, they’ll add up, but it’s not going to be the answer you’re looking for. And, contrary to popular belief, numbers can add up a bunch of different ways except for the one you’re looking for. It doesn’t help that I was terrible at word problems all through school. College is no different. The hardest part with these problems is either having next to no information on what you need to solve the problem, or having too much and not knowing which numbers can be disregarded and which ones are necessary to solve the equation.

is there a calculator in the house?
is there a calculator in the house?

Welcome to my world, kiddies.

Run! Run away!
Run! Run away!

And before you ask, yes, I can ask my teacher for help, but the problem with that; it’s going to be computer-based. Sure, she can get on the computer and break down the formula for me a million ways from Sunday, but that doesn’t help. It just shows me, yes, the formula works. Wonderful. So, what the hell is my problem?

Not to mention, my teacher and I don’t get along quite well.

I came to terms with not being math smart years ago. I knew I wouldn’t need it in the career field I wanted to go in. Apart from physics. Which I also failed in high school. Mostly due to the fact that I was always drawing in class when I shouldn’t have been, but that’s beside the point. (Also; irony). As I got older and I found out more about the animation field, I knew I wasn’t going to need anything math-related beyond the basics of division, multiplication, and maybe a fraction or two. NOTHING along the lines of what I’m doing now. Hell, ACCOUNTING is getting easier whilst I’m terrified of statistics just getting harder.

Would you believe the class syllabus actually has the nerve to read ‘many people find statistics simpler math than algebra!’

My teacher is on dope.

Really, really good dope.

I wish she’d share.

I have a free day today. I’ll try and get Annie on the Airship Milton and the story moving after family and I get back from the State Faire.

There’s no guarantee.

I’m still holding out hope for a Halloween release date, but the reality might just turn out to be the opposite. It breaks my heart because I’ve been looking forward to getting Annie out for so long. I just didn’t figure on college being this difficult. Yes, it’s hard. I’ve had pain in the ass classes where I couldn’t satisfy the teacher no matter how hard I tried, but nothing on this level. Am I learning? Sure, I’m scraping by. Am I going to retain anything? Accounting, maybe, because I’ll need what I’ve learned for the BACARTIS and the ideas I have for it, but statistics?

F*%k. Statistics.

Once this class is over, I will data dump. Gladly.

Maybe I can capitalise on the Nightmare Before Christmas? With a winter release for Annie? After all, the Disney Channel still shows the movie on Christmas Eve.

So tonight, I’ll come home and shut my door. I’ll turn up my music and power through Annie. Because, dear Jesus, if I have to work out another ghat-damned probability formula with mum and dad beside me, helping me to puzzle it out, I might just go a little bit mad.



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