College is taking over my life!

In the worst way possible. I know I’m terrible at updating this thing to begin with, but college is making it downright impossible.


I had to stop my job at the Food Bank because I couldn’t keep up with the school work. Even going down to twenty hours didn’t do any good. Never mind that it was the WORST idea to take Accounting and Statistics in the same semester in the history of forever. ย And, to rub salt in the math wound, I have to take it online. Which is just ridiculous. For a myriad of reasons that have everything to do with online classrooms being a buffer between student and teacher and maybe that teacher just shoves a book at you and a bunch of homework and waves at you with a smile, sending you off into the big bad world of math armed with a calculator and what brain power you possess…

Math. Also that Mama movie which is the property of its studio. But mostly what math looks like in my head.

That doesn’t count.

Well, it does, kind of.

No, it totally counts. Because it was a stupid idea. But, they’re the two classes I need to get to the rest of my classes so I can finish this degree AND NEVER HAVE TO TAKE MATH AGAIN.

I hate math.

On a positive note, I got Annie back from my editor and am slowly working my way through her edits. And by slowly, I mean I have only gotten the prologue and chapter one done. I’m still shooting for a Halloween release.

I’m just gonna have to work a little bit harder.

I really haven’t abandoned you guys, my head is just sort of esploding.

It was the math that killed her.
It was the standard deviation that killed her, Larry.

Classes are over on October tenth, though. And I promise, I’ll try and sneak in updates. I’m feeling pretty low, I need to vent.

Just not right now.

Right now I have to fill my head with more math.


8 thoughts on “College is taking over my life!

    1. Thanks, Yvonne! I swear if I ever have to find another standard deviation of something again…I don’t know what is do, but the guy asking for the deviation won’t like it.

      1. Hang in there sweetie! Hubs says women would learn math better if the teachers understood that our minds work differently than mens’. I’m still not ready to test that theory. I barely bade it through high school geometry!

      2. Thanks, Bubbe! I barely made it through high school algebra, statistics is killing me! At least accounting makes a little bit of sense…you know, once you do it five or six times..

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