I was gonna..

This is my wake up face.
This is my wake up face.

For three or four (I’ve seriously lost count) days I’ve been writing Annie. Two of those days were spent transcribing long hand to iPad. The other two have been writing from pure imagination.

It’s been awesome.

I was gonna do it today. But then I didn’t.

For all intents and purposes, I should have. I know what I want to add into the story-what I need to change in order to move forward-and how I want the story to end. Will there be a sequel? Maybe. But I don’t think Annie will be in it. Just like Melanie, she might have a mention or make an appearance, but it won’t be a ‘sequel’ as they’re supposed to be.

Wait. I had something for this.
Wait. I had something for this.

But I didn’t write.

I woke up at a decent hour, had breakfast, took the dog for a walk and got back before 1030 in the morning and told myself (after my coffee) that I would write.

And then I remembered I should probably get to cleaning the house, considering that I hadn’t done so in nearly a week. Also that I wanted some juice and there was a pineapple that needed cutting, as well as a cantaloupe. With the floors mopped, I moved on to the vacuuming and the re-arranging. Then dusting (low and high) and laundry.

And no writing.

There is a list of things for the story, including sensory details that I have somehow completely forgotten in my NaNo-like rush to write ‘the end’ and post a picture on the interwebs proving that Annie is, indeed, done and whooshed off to the editor. There are inventions to be thought out (it is a steampunk novel after all), rooms within a super church to be described, a ‘zombie watch’ to be fleshed out and explained so Annie’s later reactions toward Rochester can make a lot more sense than they do now.

Still no writing.

ALIENS, though. And Pirates! Band of Misfits.

Fun movie. You should watch it.
Fun movie. You should watch it.

Then there was the interview with the staffing company that will, hopefully, lead to full time employment.

And still no writing.

I think my brain is tired. It’s taken me almost an hour to write this blog entry. There will be another one on ‘binge writing’ which I am seriously thinking is a thing, maybe a PACIFIC RIM review (so much awesome with lacklustre dialogue), and a post on the joys of editing. With guest posts. Hopefully. Because there is a special kind of joy in editing that I don’t think many people talk about. Maybe it’s a new type of writer.

Are there types of writers?

I think there are.

Also, I think it’s time for bed.


6 thoughts on “I was gonna..

  1. Bubbe says:

    Man, I wish I could master the self-portrait in the mirror with my phone. I’d have taken my photo in the awesome dress I bought over the weekend and posted that yesterday rather than just the dress on the hanger.

    Looking forward to Annie but remember to take care of yourself too!

    1. rjkeith says:

      It’s a pain in the arse to get a self-portrait that looks halfway decent, let me tell you! I LOVE that dress of yours, it’s so pretty!

      I bet you look fabulous in it! ๐Ÿ™‚

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