It’s my birthday! (part III of III)

And we’re gonna (finally!) talk about Oklahoma. Not like we did in my last (part II of III) post, but properly, as the setting of Annie.

But first.

it's my party!
it’s my party!

26 today! It’s been a really good year. I’ve done a lot, and seen a lot, and survived a tornado.  Or two.

Anyway, toooooootally not what we’re going to talk about today. Let’s talk about Oklahoma as the state pertains to Annie.

Annie, Get Your Gun!
Annie, Get Your Gun!

I don’t have a year for Annie – an actual time period that she starts in- because #1: I don’t rightly know myself, #2: I like to remain ambiguous, #3: if I start placing times on Annie, I’m going to screw up my line of thinking by ‘what actually happened in history’. Am I taking liberties? Yes. Many of them. Am I apologetic about the whole thing?


Not at all.

So. Oklahoma. Where the wind and the whipping and the grass and all that. Welp, it’s still there with maybe a few more trees because back in the day, I like to think there was a butt load more trees. Because I’m a hippie like that. Oklahoma then is much the same as Oklahoma now, as in it is a place known as Oklahoma, and there was a land rush. What’s different is everything else.

I red penned history
I red penned history.

In my world, the United States gave up her right to be called the ‘United States’ when she went to war with herself. It should have ended in 1865. It did not. Other countries, disgusted with the Americans, swooped in and claimed in what remained of the country. In an ironic twist, Britain took back her thirteen colonies with no complaint from the battle weary colonists. French and Spanish took back the South they never really left, the Dutch and Nords kept to the North.

No one really knows what’s out West. No one wants to know, but the Mormons are planning on colonising it when the first words from Mountain Men come back.

Now known as the Colonies once again, the British control everything from the weather to the Government, until (of course) the former Union and Southern Confederacy can come to an amicable agreement and stop the fighting. For now, Parliament has a presence within her old stomping ground. Just as every other government has a presence in other Colonies.

There’s a reason for that. But I’m not going to tell you that now. You’ll have to read the books.

What I will do for you, is tell you a little bit about the town of ‘Pleasant’ that Annie happens to live on the outskirts of.

Pleasant is a small town with small aspirations right on the outside of Oklahoma City. She is under the weather protection of Her Majesty’s Royal Weather Airship Milton and her up-to-date broadcasts. Tornadoes do happen despite the British attempts to control the weather. Pleasant is a small town with small town problems, people coming in and making trouble, a Marshal cell that’s never empty for too long, and one man who will protect it from what happened in Ellis Island at any cost.


9 thoughts on “It’s my birthday! (part III of III)

  1. Bubbe says:

    What happened in Ellis Island! Inquiring minds want to know! Now you’ve got me anticipating like mad!! Happy birthday sweetie! Do something fun for yourself!

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