We interrupt our programming…

For a regular blog entry.


I know. Scary. But I figured it was a good time to sit and have a chat. Because, why the hell not? Now, the REAL question is what to talk about, and I think I have just the thing. In my slightly drunk-still-kind-of-woozy mind.

Good stuff. Go drink it. But don't drive.
Good stuff. Go drink it. But don’t drive.

So, I sit on the cusp of being done with Annie! Get Your Gun. A was going to be a novella that is actually turning out to be a book in about 20k more words give or take, that I am very proud of. Annie is a fun character. Truthfully, all of my characters are fun. Including the racist and abusive Scotsman I have in the book. The cool thing about a story like this is the characters are creating the conflict internally. I don’t really need an outside source. The zombies help, don’t get me wrong, but the characters themselves are what push the story. Something I haven’t really experienced whilst writing before. The Nightly-Edition’s and Grimmauld’s conflict stem from an outside source. One has escape, the other is about getting in and out of Hell quickly without being noticed. Annie is a new monster.

The problem is….

Six months...
Six months…

Got there first. As far as I can see it, anyway. Now, there are so many story lines you can take with zombie stories. Really. If you get right down to it, there are only a few and the majority have been covered. From WARM BODIES to Tonia Brown’s upcoming GNOMAGEDDON (guess which one I’m more excited to read. Hint: it’s not the first one), the bases have been covered.

Leaving me.

yes, me!

Wondering if I’m not just being some derivative asshole hoping to cash in on the zombie wave that has taken hold since The Walking Dead graced television screens everywhere.

Which is NOT the case.

I want to point that out.

Not. The. Case.

I’m just a worry wart.


I do want to make clear that Annie! was written WELL before I even watched the show. If you’ve been paying attention to my blog thus far you’ll know that it was written in response to Tonia’s Railroad! celebration station. She called out for fiction and I answered. If you’re new to my little corner of the blogosphere, you now know that Annie! was written in response to Tonia’s Railroad! submissions call. When I wrote Annie, I was only vaguely aware of The Walking Dead. After writing her, however, I was invited to a TWD marathon and gobbled up the series in two days.

And now I have a comic book addiction collection.

I don't HAVE to read them. I can stop any time I want to!
I don’t HAVE to read them. I can stop any time I want!


And then my friend (whom I had sent the Annie! short) asked me what happened next in the story. I looked at him blankly, then with a smile made to discuss what COULD happen to Annie. He promptly cut me off and told me that I should write it down, that the story felt unfinished and he wanted to know what happened next. I told him I could write the rest of the story for him. Again he shook his head. He didn’t want the story for him. He wanted me to write it but only if I wanted to do it. And, you know, he wanted to know what happened next.

Well. That was a challenge.

Ten bucks says he doesn't make it.

And Annie! as I know her now, has been born. Sort of. She’s getting there.


Maybe I’m over-thinking things. This could very well be the case. I’m prone to worry and fixating. I think it’s inherited on my dad’s side. Cross my heart. But I have to wonder; when something as big as The Walking Dead dominates a genre, is everything else just derivative? Or, if you put enough of a spin on something, does it separate itself from the herd and stand out?

So, my fellow friends, readers, authors, have you ever experienced a problem like mine? And if so, how did you deal with it?

I’m gonna keep writing, Annie has to be told. She’s integral to this whole world I’ve created.

Never mind that I’ve screwed up history BADLY. Story has to be told.

But, has this ever happened to you?


Talk to me!

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