Blog Interview-Chrissy Fanslau

Okay, for seriously. Who doesn’t love books with animals on the cover? And if you don’t you’re just a horrible, animal hating person. And no one likes you.

But for those of you with children, and those of us who DO like animals on the covers of our books, may I present to you the author of SEACATS: A HOME FOR CHIZZEL, Chrissy Fanslau!

Giving me warm fuzzies just typing the title.

How can you not love it?
How can you not love it?

First, a little bit about the author.

Chrissy Fanslau is a professional illustrator and writer of children’s and Young Adult fiction. Her studio is located near North Pole, Alaska, where she lives with her wonderful husband, their brilliant daughters and Maximus, her 200-pound lapdog.

And now, the interview!

What got you into writing in the first place?

I’ve always loved storytelling. I studied English and creative writing in college (as well as art and anthropology), and that
got me writing my first novel. After launching my illustration career and illustrating some picture books, I started writing for young children as well.

Why your genre? Do you plan on branching out or do you feel at home in what you write? 

I started out writing Young Adult fiction and branched out into children’s literature. I enjoy writing both. I plan on publishing my teen fiction in the near future.

Are you a pantser or a plotter? 

I am definitely a pantser! I enjoy the freedom, even when I’m chained to my desk.

Do you have a writing room or place that you go to write? 

Yes, I have an art studio in my house! I call it Cold Snap Studio. Writing is an art, so I use it for that, too!

Take me through your writing process. How do you begin?

I get a general idea of what I want and go for it. I sit down, write and see what happens! Then I edit, edit, edit! Oh, and did I mention I EDIT?!

Tell me about your book. Why could only YOU have written and
illustrated it?

I have been drawing Seacats since 1989. I’ve been drawing other things even longer than that. They’re characters unique to me, so I wouldn’t expect anyone else to write or illustrate a Seacats book. =)

Tell me what makes your book(s) special. Why should I read them?

“The Seacats: A Home for Chizzel” is a children’s book about friendship and belonging. Chizzel, an orphaned saber-tooth tiger cub, is different from the other cubs he was raised with. One morning, he finds himself alone. Throughout the book, he’s looking for a place to fit in. “The Seacats: A Home for Chizzel” teaches young children about friendship, acceptance, belonging, and to be themselves. The pictures are great, too!

Writers say that reading is important if you want to write well.
Keeping that in mind, what kind of books do you read?

I have shelves FULL of children’s books! I also enjoy reading Young Adult fiction.

You’re in a coffee shop. You get two authors to have coffee with. Which
ones and why. GO.

Oh! Can I pick Dr. Seuss?! His work is FANTASTIC! My girls have all his
books. I enjoy reading and looking through them. I also love Young Adult fiction by Jenny O’Connell — her style and humor are great!

Do you wear mismatching socks? It’s okay if you do. Don’t be shy. 

Only on laundry day! And I try to make sure it never comes to that!

You can find Chrissy on her Facebook, which of course I know you’re going to visit and like!  And you’re also going to go to Amazon and snatch up the book.


Because you guys are awesome. That’s why!


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