Blog Interview – S.W. Sondheimer

Today’s the day, baby!

To borrow from Tonia Brown..WOOP WOOP!

Today’s post is all about kicking off my month of interviews! I’m excited, are you excited? You SHOULD be excited because it’s going to be freaking amazing! To start it all off, I present to the blogosphere S.W. Sondheimer, the author of SHAMAN, an urban fantasy novel that pits good against evil, angel against man, Lucifer…well, Lucifer is actually the good guy in this one.

This is the part where I tell you to go buy the book and read it. Because you’ll never know what I’m talking about unless you do.

For one hundred million dollars!
For one hundred million dollars!

Okay, okay, I’m done. I promise. And both of the books (parts one and two) can be bought for four dollars. Two dollars each, in case you were wondering. Now, without further ado, I present S.W. Sondheimer!

First,  a little bit about her:

S.W. Sondheimer is a native New Englander in the process of becoming an adopted Yinzer.  She is a practicing registered nurse, earner of a Masters of Theological Studies from Harvard Divinity School, and a former martial artist. She’s found that these disparate aspects of her life have been a boon to the creation of urban fantasy as she’s pretty well versed in demons and, when one of them attacks a character, what’s going to break and how much it’s going to hurt. She recently traded in her Red Sox gear (prima donna bastards) for a Pirates t-shirt and has discovered the rest of the black and gold portion of her wardrobe expanding exponentially.

And now, an interview.

What got you into writing in the first place?

Reading. My parents read to my sisters and I every night. When I was 11 or so, I realized I didn’t want to be a passive observer of stories any longer; I wanted to create them.

Why your genre? Do you plan on branching out or do you feel at home in what you write?

Urban fantasy didn’t so much exist when I was getting into reading “grown up” books (again, I think I was 11); I loved both science fiction and fantasy, still do, but both felt… Distant, maybe? The modern world though,with speculation here and magic there… It’s… Special doesn’t even come close to covering it. Awesome? Spectacular? Perfect?
I seem to be branching into horror slash dark comedy by virtue of, well, zombies. Who doesn’t want to make up stories about zombies?

Are you a pantser or plotter?

I pants first drafts. Then, I buy index cards, binder rings, several of my current favorite pens, and I obsessively plot the shit out of that motherfucker. One of my new projects is going pure plotter, just for giggles. It is awesome. Also, I hate it.

Do you have a writing room or place that you go to write?

Yes and I actually need to start using it. Good thing I love listening to baseball on the radio.


Take me through your writing process. How do you begin?

Random inspiration bitch slaps me. Usually while I’m listening to to music. A lyric or a note or a voice will catch my… Muse maybe? Or my crazy, whatever. Then, suddenly, it’s there, whatever IT is and it is so. Very. Real. Not in an hallucinatory way, but in a, “I MUST MAKE THIS LIVE” way.

Tell me about your book. Why could only YOU have written it?

Urban  fantasy. Jumped angels. Lucifer is a good guy. Hockey. Blood curses. The family one has. The family one chooses. Werewolves. Cops, soldiers, FBI agents. Life. Love. Good. Evil. Choice.
All I can say is: it’s an outward manifestation of my very special crazy.

Tell me what makes your book(s) special. Why should I read them?

I’ll twist any theology you’ve ever heard on its head and it will fascinate you. You’ll want to have a beer with my heroes and you’d risk going to jail to beat the crap out of my villains. I know every detail of my world and it’s a place in which you’ll want to live. It’s a place that will terrify you. It will suck you in and hold on.

Writers say that reading is important if you want to write well. Keeping that in mind, what kind of books do you read?

I read a lot of urban fantasy. I’m a big fan of the dark funny stuff, but I’ll entertain all comers. I’m trying to branch out again as well: horror, VanGogh’s letters, biographies, historical fiction.

You’re in a coffee shop. You get two authors to have coffee with. Which ones and why GO.

Chuck Wendig and Gillian Flynn. Why? Because Chuck Wendig’s blog has been the spring board for some of my best stuff, he has a foul mouth he’s not afraid to use, and the man can CREATE!  Gillian Flynn because she wrote the only book I’ve ever read that’s entirely full of assholes and absolutely captivating at the same time.

Can it be Oakmont Bakery? ‘Cause they have the coolest opening day cupcakes.

Do you wear mismatching socks? It’s okay if you do. Don’t be shy.

I avoid socks whenever possible. When I do wear them, they generally match but tens to have holes. We have 100 year old attack floors.

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