I’m back! Sort of…

It’s only a matter of deciding when dad want to get up and go to Idaho to get my Volkswagen out of storage and drive it back down here.

My life. One road trip after another.
My life. One road trip after another.

I’m betting it’s going to be tomorrow or Thursday. Which really puts a damper on my Easter night Walking Dead plans.

I have a date with the Dead.
I have a date with the Dead. The Walking Dead. See what I did there?

Ooof. Okay. Where do I begin? The plane ride? No, that was exhausting. I didn’t even sleep on the stupid thing despite my really comfortable neck pillow. Oklahoma? No. Once I get my wits about me (and actually get more than one or two decent night’s sleep) we’ll talk about the setting of Annie, Get Your Gun!



My vacation was awesome. Minus the sunburn. It was lobster red. It was painful. And if I had a good picture of me with said sunburn, I’d show it to you. But I don’t. I’d be embarrassed anyway. One does not simply lay out in the sun after not seeing it for two years.

Yep. I went there.
Yep. I went there.

It was great to see my extended family again, and to go down to Orlando and visit Universal Studio’s Islands of Adventure. A day of fun filled awesome and butter beer.

Sweet, sweet butter beer.
Sweet, sweet butter beer.

Louisiana was just as much fun. My uncle was a trooper and sat through an episode of the Walking Dead and The Hobbit with me. Granted, I watched a football movie and the British version of the Avengers, so I think it evened out. And to be fair, neither movie was terrible. In fact, the football movie wasn’t half bad. I actually enjoyed it and I tend to stay away from football movies.


So I’m sitting here wondering just what we can talk about in this little blog of mine. My vacation was fun, but I highly doubt you guys want to read about it in its entirety.

Okay. An update. What we need is an update.

Well, you’ll be happy to know that I have finished the edits on the first chapter of Annie, Get Your Gun! Actually, it was more of a rewrite. Which is weird. In a good way. Because the story–well, the first chapter–makes more sense then when I first wrote it. Thank God for edits, let me tell you because my first draft is kind of shit. There are some gems in there, don’t get me wrong, but holy crap. I have learned that iPhone screens are too small for practical editing. I have the 4 and my eyes were getting tired rather quickly whilst I was editing in the car. I would have had a lot more done had circumstances been different, however, I don’t think I’ve done too badly. I have a tentative plan to release the first novella when I’m halfway done with the second. Have to figure out where the story is going before I can release the first book, right?


I’m changing my University major from history to art. Well, filmmaking. Something to do with animation. Either way I’m getting my art degree because that is what I am good at, dammit. And the military is handing me money to go to school, might as well use it for something I like to do, right?


It's what I do.
It’s what I do.

Alright kiddies, I am much more tired than I originally thought. Really I am. Haven’t been sleeping much. So, I know it’s a terrible update and not to my usual standard of headache, but I promise when I get back from Idaho we’ll have a good long chat about a variety of subjects.

It’ll be fun.

To make up for it I shall leave you with my epic ride face, courtesy of the Jurassic Park ride in Islands of Adventures.



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