Hey! Check out this cool thing!

Have a free minute? Stuck on your own story? Can’t stop that writing feeling? Artist waiting for your big break? Love zombies?


Put those little fingers of yours to work and come up with a 1,000 word flash fiction about zombies.


These guys right here.
These guys right here.

Then take to your internet machines with the emails and shoot them over to me at rjameskeith@gmail.com. Art, stories, multiple submissions. Do. Not. Care.

50% of the proceeds will be given to Biker’s Against Child Abuse. 50% of the proceeds will be distributed evenly amongst the authors and artists. Unless you don’t want your portion, then it will be thrown into the charity pool and let swim with the other bits of money.

The project is called ZOMBIES AGAINST CHILD ABUSE.

Because we’re awesome.

S.W. Sondheimer  and I are asking for your help and contribution to this awesome thing that we have going on. Because it’s a joint project.

Submissions are due no later than 01September2013.

So my author and artist friends, go! Go type, paint, doodle, whatever it is you do, go do it!

Then shoot me an email titled  ‘zombies’ (because I have delete happy fingers) and get your name on the greatest zombie project since the Walking Dead EVER.



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