T-minus and counting…

Now I’m getting excited. Now I’m realising that I am ready to leave.  Not England, I don’t think I’ll ever really be ready to leave England, but my job? Yeah. I’ve been over my job for a while now. It’s time to get the hell out of RAF Mildenhall’s club.

I have so much crap to do it isn’t even funny. I don’t mean the moving bit. That’s already done, thanks to a wonderful friend who is moving to the same place and allowed me to pile my stuff in with hers to be shipped back via the Air Force’s moving system.

Seems about right...
Seems about right…

No, I mean other stuff to do.

In progress.

Annie, Get Your Gun!

Annie got her got. Now it's zombie killing time.
Annie got her gun. Now it’s zombie killing time.

Annie is well on her way. With over 11k written, the story is proving to be a surprise even to me. And I have notes! NOTES! I took the time to jot down all of my ideas and with one fell swoop (and the death of a character) half of them are moot points. Which is awesome. The story is still in flux, but it’s going to be great.

Untitled, What’s On Your Mind?

War. Peace. Revolution.
War. Peace. Revolution.

My Canadian friend. Mine homie from the Northie.  The man of (I’m pretty sure this is accurate) 1,000 voices. Co-host of the New Fiction Writers podcast; the wonderful Jay Langejans (!) has been working so hard these last few months. Seriously. Whilst I was writing The Nightly-Edition, he was busting his arse on ‘our’ (I say that so very loosely) project, Untitled, What’s On Your Mind?

It is better than anything I could have ever imagined. The original idea (which came to me in the shower) was a dopey teenage love story, has since become this sweeping 120k+ tale of war and revolution and the inevitable end of those who wish to change the world. I am so proud to be a part of what it is becoming and I can’t wait to edit it.

To Edit.

The Nightly-Edition

(part of the Timepiece Tales)

Genetics are there to be studied. Not manipulated.
Genetics are there to be studied. Not manipulated.

It seems the Timepiece Tales have metamorphosed themselves into character stories. The Nightly-Edition is Melanie’s and will explain part of the thing which is the Great Irish Disaster and, in turn, help to further understanding of the situation in Annie, Get Your Gun! Tentatively, Blood on the Quarter and Last Train, Unicorn are following the same vein. With major changes to the former than are on the blog under the same name. We’ll see what happens, hey?


I’m actually sorry I don’t have a picture for this one to upload. I do, it’s in the notebook that I first wrote the story in, but that’s in Oklahoma….

Where the wind comes sweeping through the plain..
Where the wind comes sweeping through the plain..

and I have no way to get to it yet. But I will draw one. The short story (which is still in its raw form and currently available to read on my blog *hinthint*) is the first on the edit pile. I hope to have it available for sale (edited, proofread, and re-edited etc.) on Amazon soon.

It’s one of my favourites, I am very proud of it, and I would love to see it on ebook shelves.


The sound of your imagination.
The sound of your imagination.

I can’t really talk much about this one. Things are still in discussion and kinks are still being worked out. Big changes are coming and I’m a part of them. Maybe it’s better to say that I’m instigating them? No, that doesn’t sound right. Not really instigating so much as umm, I’m helping them along! Yes, much more PC.

The back burner.

Grimmauld: Death’s Daughter

To hell and back again. But, maybe later.
To hell and back again. But, maybe later.

I definitely got overexcited with Grimm. And I talked too much about her. And I thought she would be an easy thing to write. Something fun that I could do in my spare time. An adventure story.

A nice thought.

The story is there, of that I have no doubt. But there are some definite tangles that need to be worked out before she can stand on her own. Too much of her sounds like something else. And whilst that something else is good, it’s not Grimm. So, for now her and Cheesers will sit and simmer until they decide they’re ready to come out and play again.

The Airship Leviathan

(part of the Timepiece Tales)

To Antarctica. To their deaths.
To Antarctica. To their deaths.

The Airship Leviathan is an interesting conundrum of maybes that very much hinge on what happens in Annie, Get Your Gun! and The Nightly-Edition. The two books will set not only the year of the following events, but go a long way to developing this ever expanding world I have in my head. It’s huge. And intricate. Some of it is hazy, but I kind of have an idea. The Leviathan is stuck in an interesting spot in this world. It has its own set of characters, but I am missing key parts of the crew which will come from Annie and an element which will come from The Nightly-Edition.

Blood on the Quarter

(part of the Timepiece Tales)

Again, no picture. Sad. I’ll have to sketch something. Anyway. Like the Leviathan, Blood on the Quarter is in a flux. It’s going to go through an overhaul, but how major and to what result I’m not sure about yet. All of these stories are connected to each other, it’s the ‘how’ that remains to be seen.

This one hangs on The Leviathan.

The Last Train, Unicorn

(part of the Timepiece Tales)

Character off shoot. To what extent, I’m not sure. This story will depend very much on Annie and The Nightly-Edition.


If there is one thing I’ve learned; it’s not to talk about the ideas that are in my head too much. Kills the story dead. With a rock. Or a stone.

There will probably be a blog about that. Or maybe I’ll talk to the guys and we can podcast it. Which is kind of like blogging, except with other (real) people.

My sister and I had a debate on this. She refuses to admit I was right.
My sister and I had a debate on this. She refuses to admit I was right.

But first.

From March 18-25 I will be on a beach. In Florida. Not writing. Not working. Not worrying. No character sketches or plot points to hash out. No notes. No hastily typed sentences to remind myself of what to write later.

Because this pale skin shit ain't workin out any more....
Because this pale skin shit ain’t workin out any more….

Just sun, surf, sunglasses, and sun tan oil.

Sea World is going to be in there somewhere.

And Dunkin’ Donuts.

And Cinnabon.

And Panera.

Because I am going on vacation. And when I get back, I’m gonna hit the ground runnin.

T-minus 19 days and counting.


3 thoughts on “T-minus and counting…

  1. I love the illustrations too. I’m out of the loop and have been it seems for quite some time. Catch me up quick. Where are you moving and are you getting a place of your own and also, the job thing? I’m sure if I read back to one of your posts I might get that info, so perhaps if you’ve already written about it, direct me there. Please. Are you coming to the states? If you’re coming our way for a visit, perhaps your sister could too and this would be a great time for your friend to get married and you can pass the hint on. haha. Anyway, I think England would be delightful, entertaining, and provide a lot of inspiration. I’m happy you’re enjoying it there.

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