Books. Charity. Wait, I had a thing for this….

So, here’s the thing, if you haven’t checked S.W. Sondheimer’s book SHAMAN (parts one and two), you fail at life.

For (literally) less than the price of a Starbucks latte you can own the two books.

It’s not really coffee any more…

Even better is what comes with the purchase of the books. Buy them today and part of the proceeds will be donated to BACA. Bikers Against Child Abuse. Because they’re bikers. And because, fuck child abuse.

Here is what they do.

And if after reading you don’t have tears in your eyes, then you are not human and have no business being on this planet. NOW, if you do not have a Kindle reading device for which to procure and read said books, never fear! Shaman and Shaman Part Two are available in many formats.



And directly from the author via email at

So, go my friends! Run! Run to your nearest computer screen (or iPad/Phone/Android/Kindle etc.)! And for $2.70 own a piece of Urban Fantasy awesome and help out a great cause!


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