27 days…

But who’s counting, right?

Wabbit season!
Wabbit season!

27 days until I leave England behind. 27 days until I hop on a plane to Oklahoma (where the wind comes sweeping down the plane) and re-acquaint myself with American culture. 27 days until the weather report states “partly cloudy” instead of “partly sunny”.

The weather reports out here don’t actually say that, but they should. Because it’s the truth. Cloud cover is constant in England, the sun is not.

The weathermen keep up the hope.

27 days.

Can you imagine what would happen if it was 28?

I’m just sayin..

3 thoughts on “27 days…

  1. 1byline says:

    So now I’ve gone bag into the blogs and see that you’re going to Oklahoma. First when and second, why? Are you going there to become a tortured writer? Or do you get energy from the tornadoes? Or is the landscape of oil wells. Enlighten me please.

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