Do you miss me?

I am firmly convinced that the only medicinal properties within NyQuil consist of a tiny liquid man with a tiny liquid hammer. Upon imbibing of said medicine, the tiny liquid man shoots right up into your brain and within 30 minutes pounds  your grey matter into goo.

Which makes you sleep. And everyone knows that sleep helps you heal. And so does orange juice.

Yes. Everything this clever thing just read. Because jpeg images don't have speech capabilities.

So, before the liquid NyQuil man bashes my brain into health-restoring sleep goo, I want to talk about nostalgia. Because I am on NyQuil. If you didn’t catch it the first time. Since the rise of the e-book and the subsequent e-reader, the markets have seen a jump in reading and a jump in their disposable cash. Which is a good thing, more the first thing than the second. Businesses are greedy and I have my own issues with them. Now, when the e-book came out there was this earth-shattering wail from what I can only call ‘book purists’, who screamed that a book had to be held in ones hand to be considered a book.

It wasn’t real if you couldn’t turn the pages.


I have friends of said mind who simply refuse to buy an e-book or reader, because ‘it’s not the same.’

Not a book.
Not a book.

And that’s all well and good. I don’t begrudge them their peference. I go both ways on the same street. I like my iPad because I can travel with it and not have to weight manage to the last kilogram (because the airlines are a bunch of robbing bastards) but I am not adverse to picking up a physical book off of the shelves and sitting down to read.

Meanwhile, with the rise of the ebook, forests are breathing a huge sigh of relief..
Meanwhile, with the rise of the e-book, forests are breathing a huge sigh of relief..

Wait, before I continue. Has anyone noticed that we call e-books, E-books. Why ‘e-book’ why not i-book? Surely that would make more sense. Never mind Apple and their copyrights on i-anything. The internet does not begin with an ‘e’. It’s the I-N-T-E-R-N-E-T. E-oh wait, the ‘e’ stand for ‘electronic’ book. Because you read it on an ‘electronic’ device.


Anyway. It didn’t really hit me how far our electronic world has come until I went out and rented an audiobook from my library. I needed something to listen too on the ride home from Cambridge, and Stephen King has been my author of choice lately (next to Terry Pratchett), the fact that he wrote a book with Peter Straub just made it better.  Coming back from Cambridge, I had some shopping to do. My first stop was the Commissary, because a girl’s gotta eat, and then the next stop was the Base Exchange. It occurred to me that my sister had taken the DVD player to introduce her friends to an old John Cusack movie and BRIDESMAIDS, so I wouldn’t be able to listen to my book unless I had a CD player. Neither of the macs at home have a CD drive. Off I go to the BX where I found that CD players have become obsolete.


I will admit to crying inside a little bit. Cars still have a CD player, I’m assuming people have CD players at home in their stereo systems, but why, oh why, did the portable CD player have to go away?



Never mind that there are iPods and other smaller portable devices, I had checked out an audiobook from that wonderful establishment known as the library, and technology failed me! Failed me in that there were no walkmans for purchase, no crappy $10 tabletop stereo systems with a built in alarm clock that I could use for a few hours and then forget about! Now everything is digital and, if you’re not hooked up, baby, you’re out.

What else are we going to see go by the wayside as technology progresses further and further upward? What else is going to become antiquated?

I don’t think people are going to be labelled antiques. Not yet, anyway.

undeath, the next big thing!
Undeath, the next big thing! If youre not dead, well…we can fix that. 





6 thoughts on “Do you miss me?

    1. It’s terrible stuff, really. With a high alcohol content. I’m still not sure how they get away with calling it ‘medicine’. It’s good for the tiny liquid brain bashing, though 😀

  1. Hope you’re feeling better. The throw-away CD players can still be found in the US pretty easily but I agree with your post. It probably won’t be long before those will be considered dinosaurs. Thank goodness for yard sales!

    1. And charity shops! I’m telling, you Bubbe, it made me so sad to see that I couldn’t just pick one up for the exclusive purpose of listening to my audiobook.

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