What creativity wants, it doesn’t always get..

Which is why I’m pushing my due date back. Don’t look at me, it’s all work’s fault. We had two people leave at the same time and a third got the boot. Leaving only me. And the new girl. Who, thankfully, started just recently. We also have another one coming in tomorrow. And, granted, one of the two that left didn’t really *leave*, he just picked up a second job.

The technicality of the whole thing is that I’m on my own until the new girls are trained up (my job) to where they can work on their own and another co-worker comes back from her leave period.

S’bout right.

So, what does this mean for BOTQ?

Well, that BOTQ has to find the back burner for the next week or so. As much as it breaks my heart, while I have people *with* me at work, it doesn’t mean that the workload decreases. If anything, it doubles until I can get the girls trained to the point where they can comfortably work on their own. It’s not difficult, just time consuming. And I only get two days off this week. Both of which need to be spent editing a friend’s book because I promised it to him today but have not had the chance to finish. By any stretch of the imagination.

It also means that I’m going to be taking a few days off in the middle of the month to sit and do nothing but work on my book. The situation is getting ridiculous and I really want to sit and write. I haven’t had the time or the chance for ‘me’ time and it’s starting to wear on my nerves.

I miss sinking into my little world and interrupting my character’s lives to write about them. I really, really do.

Anyway, hopefully this too shall pass and I can get on a more comfortable schedule. All is not lost, however, I do have some exciting things coming up soon that I can’t wait to share with you guys!




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