Considering my birthday..

I decided to post today rather than tomorrow. Tomorrow I will be doing the thing that I want most to do.


Yes, I will be writing on my birthday. For the simple reason that; 1. I don’t have to work 2. it needs doing, and  3. I freaking want too, okay? Sheesh. Get off my case.





*smiley face*

Ugh. Thank God I don’t have to work tomorrow. But that’s another blog post. *This* blog post is a junction of numerous things, but mostly about my (too short) trip to Ireland.


Everyone should go to Ireland. I don’t care which part of Ireland, just go to Ireland. The island is beyond words in its beauty. Due to the rain, no doubt. Lucky for us the rain was absent during the trip. Nothing but sun and wary Irishmen and women whom, I’m pretty sure, were waiting for some sort of apocalyptic happenings. When not abuzz with suppositions on the Euro Treaty Referendum Vote (passing with a “yes” majority on the 31st of May), the DJs could not stop talking about how wonderful the sun and heat was.  It was a relief for me and my mum as well, there’s only so much of rain and drab one can take without missing the sun just a little bit.

Shot in a Sprite, please!

Our trip took us to the County of Cork, where we were staying for the duration. Lucky for me I found out that the Jameson’s distillery is located in East Cork (thank you, road signs!) and so, getting to Ireland early, mum and I decided to pop in for a drink and a tour.

Best. Thing. Ever.

The tour guide was lackluster, but the distillery and the free whiskey tasting made up for it at the end. I found a love of Irish Whiskey and a profound respect of men who (used to) make the stuff. Our next trip was to Blarney Castle, where I kissed the stone and learned just what a poison garden was.

Blarney Castle

Not only did I find out a myriad of details about some plants I knew (did you know that rhubarb leaves are poisonous?), learned new things about plants I had never heard of, I also got quite the laugh out of the Garda seizing the cannabis plant. You know. Just in case.

Ignore at your peril. Literally. There are plants in the garden that can kill you by SMELLING THEM.

From there came the incredible view from Mizen Head, the boat ride at Dingle, a trip to Limerick and Killarney, and lastly; a visit to Waterford. Where the crystals are made. I don’t know, I’m not huge into crystals. The process is immensely cool, but….meh. They’re fancy?

A view from Mizen Head

And let’s not forget the FOTA wild animal park. Because FOTA is an awesome name. Period. The park was cool, too.

The Irish are wonderful people; welcoming, friendly, and they have the best. accents. ever. The only depressing thing was seeing the results of the real estate/bank bust. The economy is coming back, of that there is evidence, but it is a slow, heartbreaking process. All in all, I did not want to come back to England. I wanted to stay and travel. We put over 1,500 km on the rental car in a week, what was a couple of thousand more? There’s more to Ireland than just the South, you know!

But, I had to come back. To work. Because I have to make the monies to go to Spain and see a Navy buddy of mine in August. A trip I am certainly looking forward too. Because, no matter *what* the military posters read; there is a difference between “seeing the world” in the Navy, and “seeing the world” as a tourist.


I plan on dragging him all over Spain, to the places I didn’t get to see when I had a job to do. Mwah. Hah. Hah.


Much good did come out of my Ireland trip. I’m glad I took it. Hell, I’m glad my mum suggested it and that plane tickets back to the States are so damned expensive that we didn’t go back to Florida. As much as I love you, Disney World, Ireland was better.

WAY better.

Epcot be damned.

Still not as awesome.

And as a side note, not entirely off subject but something mum and I talked about on the road, I have to say; it is a shame that American schools don’t teach more of European history. It really, really is. More appreciation for our own (short) history can come out of learning about others. I’m saying this because I picked up a book to learn about Ireland and her tumultuous past. Not a good thing if one is enamoured of the English people, but a learning experience for those who have an open mind. A great read on the road no matter what. The history of Scotland is next on my list of historical “to read”s.

As I promised myself, I didn’t do any writing and was only online sparingly. Mostly to email my dad and check Facebook. Once. Maybe twice. I swear it’s not an addiction. Staying away and filling my days with travelling and new sights did me and my story some good. If anyone noticed my new pages, they are a product of Ireland. Also is the fact that Blood on the Quarter is finally-completely-outlined. All I have to do now is find the time to fill in the blanks where story is necessary. Everything is there, however, and waiting for me to sit down and write it.

Hence my birthday plans.

Because it’s my party and I’ll write if I want too.


4 thoughts on “Considering my birthday..

  1. bubbe says:

    Birthday greetings … in advance! And yes, write if you want to. What’s the point of having a birthday if you don’t get to do what you want? 😀

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