Dog Fight

Welcome to Her Majesty’s Royal Navy Air Corps.

Keep Calm and Fly On.

Molly Rodderdam is brilliant. She’s been told this, and her maths scores prove it. None of her professors have seen a girl as good as she is.

In physics.

She could be the Empire’s best navigator. They need her. Never mind that she’s a girl. And never mind that the fighter squadron doesn’t employ girls. They. Need. Her.

And by God, they are going to get her. There are reasons the German Wolf Pack is destroying their numbers. Radar can’t see the maneouvres, radar isn’t human no matter how much the Empire pretends it is.

Michael Archibald “Archie” Raynard has learned one too many things from the Americans. Namely, how to open his mouth when he ought to have kept it closed. Touting a reputation for reckless flying and losing more navigators than he keeps, he’s now in danger of losing his plane because of a few ill-placed comments about a certain Major and where he can plant his “lumpy white arse”.

Molly and Michael are destined for each other. Destined for the Wolf Pack and the Royal Navy’s secret carrier, the Red Riding II.

She is the Empire’s hope. Her cargo is precious. Her destination is the New World and the group of scientists sequestered away in a secret base very few people know about.

The Wolf Pack is hot on her trail. And Micheal’s only reason for protecting it is a well placed bullet in the gas can of the squadron’s current “ace”s plane. The resulting explosion may or may not have anything to do with him, or the mannish girl on top of him.

To keep his secret, Michael promises to take Molly on as his navigator.

But Molly has secrets of her own. An overheard conversation in the Radar Room that makes her desperate to get to the Red Riding II before someone else does. Someone with codes and a map and a desire to see England in Germany’s hands.

It’s war in the skies with Michael and Molly at the head.

Time is precious.

The Wolf Pack is gathering for the kill.


Book Three of the Timepiece Tales

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