The Back Cover

They used to be a family of train engineers. One of many in the small shipping town. Then the war came, things changed then.

Zsusanna Petrovina Irinova has done horrible things. Her father has made her do these things, made her watch as the Germans stuff the Unicorn’s boxcars full to bursting, though he has never made her go to that place. She stays behind at the station while he drives the train, waiting for him to come home. Hoping that it comes home with people still in it. But when it comes back empty, Zsusa knows. She can smell the blood and body fluid of those poor people. Many are Jews, some are Poles, others are Timepieces. Like her.

Her father has been careful to hide that fact, making Zsusa take out her key and hiding the hole in the back of her neck with her hair and tape.

Some secrets don’t stay hidden for long. The Unicorn limps back home with a German as her pilot and war prisoners in her cargo.

Zsusa is taken as a pet.

Killing her would have been kinder.

Her only chance of escape comes from a strange British boy with a map, a wild-eyed woman with a strange accent, and the rumour of an Allied invasion. Zsusa doesn’t have much time. Winter is coming and there’s only one way out.


Book Two of the Timepiece Tales

4 thoughts on “The Back Cover

    1. 😀 A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Now I just have to finish the first two bloody books so I can continue on with this little world I’ve built in my head.

      1. Yay! Thank you! I’ve got a brand new deadline for my first two stories. Let’s hope I make it this time. I really want to write these other stories.

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