Fevre Dream

I found it on the BXtra shelves, saw it was by George R.R. Martin and immediately picked it up. Then I saw it was a vampire novel and hesitated. Sparkly vampires killed the genre for me. The references to Mark Twain and Anne Rice kept it in my hand.

Boy, am I glad for that! Loved every minute of it and damned if its not an audiobook? It should be! (You hear me audible?) Following is my review of Fevre Dream. No spoilers, I promise!

If Mark Twain and Anne Rice ever got together and planned a novel, this book would be their result. Beautifully detailed and rich, George R. R. Martin takes readers back to the South in her heyday. It’s 1857 and steam is king. Steamboats are the fashionable way to travel and the only means of getting goods from one place to another. We join Abner Marsh, a struggling steamship captain, who is ugly as sin and a mouth on him that would make the devil blush. In his hand is a letter asking for a meeting. From that meeting spawns an unlikely partnership. No questions, is the only rule and one that is inevitably broken by Abner bringing about an explanation that he would have been better not knowing. Yes vampires are real, but God knows they don’t like the name or the stories that follow. Abner’s steamer, The Fevre Dream, is supposed to be their sanctuary, a new beginning. Sadly, she is a floating tomb. Made so by a man with very specific views on the vampire race and the rest of us. The cattle.What follows is a glimpse into one man’s insanity, another’s vain and misguided hope, and an ugly man’s resolve and love of his boat.This book brings vampires back to their un-sparkly selves and to New Orleans, where I suppose they were always meant to be. If the reader doesn’t mind much profanity or use of racial terms, the reader will easily be sucked into another one of Martin’s beautifully detailed, and stunningly real worlds.
New Orleans is a beautiful, ugly city and I’m happy to see vampires roaming her streets once more.

Go out and buy the book. Read the book. Love the book. It is well worth your time. Always George R. R. Martin brings something new with his writing, this time is no different. It is refreshing to have a main character with a force of personality so strong that you can’t help but like him despite physical flaws (protagonists don’t always have to be pretty, you know!) and villains that are so despicable you just really want them dead and rejoice when they keel over. Or get shot as the situation happens.

Bravo, Mr. Martin. Well done.


  1. Sounds intriguing. I haven’t been lured into the literary vampire world as yet but Martin’s book may be the nudge I need. Thanks!

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