A little peek..

Grimm’s got a problem. She just found out via note left on her homeroom desk; that the world’s worst Goth kid might like like her and ask her to Junior Prom. If that wasn’t bad enough, her day is just about to get a lot worse. See, there have been some really weird things going on in her little Florida town and not all of them are job-related.

There’s this guy, this weird guy who owns a church. He’s had his eye on Grimm for a while. The stink-eye that says he knows something about her he’s really not supposed to know.

And now her bracelet is missing. The same bracelet that contains her dad’s scythe.

Grimm has a problem. One she has to fix before her mother says her full name. Slowly. In that tone Grimm knows means she’s in for a world of trouble.

Grimmauld Regina-Ann Mayweather, the next in line to take over the dusty cowl locked up in the upstairs closet, has to find her bracelet. Now. Before someone with Heavenly aspirations decides that he can become Death By Default.

3 thoughts on “A little peek..

  1. bubbe says:

    Excellent suspense building! This made me think of another TV series that Hubs and I loved. Do you remember a series called Dead Like Me? Awesome. Really well written and the actors were perfect. Looking forward to hearing more about your Grimm. 🙂

      1. bubbe says:

        It’s worth tracking down. The humor alone made it worthwhile to me but I really enjoyed the ensemble cast they put together and there were some very serious storylines as well. Mandy Patinkin (sp?) played a role and was phenomenal!

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