A post on tea and other things

I’m so excited.

Couldn’t tell by looking at me though. I feel like death warmed over and I really, really want a nap. I have a new box of Yorkshire tea that is just dying for me to open it and drink a cup.

It’s looking at me funny. The box I mean.

I’m pretty sure there’s a tiny English voice with a thick accent calling to me. It’s whispering for me to drink the lovely, lovely tea that comes from Yorkshire. It goes well with milk; but because that is a British-ism I haven’t really gotten into, I’ve found that Yorkshire soaks up lemon juice rather well, just enough to give it that tang when I take my first, delicious, sip.

All right. I need tea.

Stupid voices in my head.

Better than soda at any rate.

So *ahem* what am I excited about? Well, a few days ago I finished the outline for Blood on the Quarter.


One milestone reached.

The brilliant thing was; once I got nearer to the end, every part of the story seemed to fall into place. I’ve read dozens of times about authors/game designers that have an idea and once they get to writing it’s as if the story pours out of them so fast it’s all they can do to keep their hand from cramping. Admittedly, I was jealous.  A thousand questions ran through my head, demanding to know why that hadn’t happened to me. My heart harboured hope that it would, but it was in vain and a tiny, tiny thing. So many times I had discarded stories or stopped writing them halfway through because nothing had jumped out of the page, demanding to be written.

Had no idea what authors meant by the term, anyway. I thought it was something they’d made up as a way to get their books read.

(Please, please don’t hunt me down. I don’t too well with mobs. Or pitchforks. Or flame.)

Too many times I had toyed with the idea of dropping Blood on the Quarter and starting up something else. I have a few short stories waiting for me in the wings, why not? I could always try again later. Short stories and flash fictions are easier, anyway.


Thank God for determination. Or stubbournness. Whatever it was, I’m happy I stuck with the story. And I’m happy for the kick in the ass I got along the way. Finally, it happened for me. Finally the characters “took over” and told me what happened. Finally I’m not worried about the plot being “thick” enough or “believable” enough to write about. Now there’s no fear of losing my idea, no fear if it’ll be good enough.

It’s a wonderful feeling, really. Makes me think, if I can pull it off, that the story might actually be worth something.

And the best part? As soon as I had written the end of book one, book two came right after. It’s a short outline, only the main points really, but it’s there. All planned out for me.

Now if only I could get my midterm exams the same way. Ugh. As much as I enjoy school…

Oh. How great is tea? On a rainy day? Fugheddaboutit.

And the Corpse Bride? Love this movie. So ridiculously cute. Can’t wait for Dark Shadows. I was of the “ehhh” mindset about it but on seeing the previews? Can’t. Freaking. Wait. High hopes.

Ack. Distracted. Back to the point.

With Blood on the Quarter on its way (slowly) I do believe I’ll start posting up more pictures of my characters as they appear in my head. This should not cloud your judgement, dear readers, I just like drawing pretty pictures. One of these days (when I have a proper desk and materials) I’ll do a web comic of some sort. After a few things are done and published of course, but a web comic is certainly part of the plan.

All right. I do believe it’s time for another cuppa and then dinner.

Now, what to make?



  1. Thank you! I’m ridiculously happy. It’s clouded with lethargy and a reluctance to move, but a tiny me is jumping up and down with glee all the same.

  2. Congrats RJ, sounds like you’re on the way to a finished novel! I know what you mean too; I have a novel (Maxwell’s Silver Bullet) which I started awhile ago … um YEARS ago, which died on me. Then I lost the computer copy so all I have is a hard copy of the beginning. If I want to pick it up again I’ll need to re-type it. Wah! But I’m so happy for your progress!

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