I’m just a little bit excited.

Can’t go too far into it because I’m posting this just before work, and I will run the risk of being late if I talk too much.

First; as of now with the combined efforts of waitressing, stress, and JUST DANCE 3 (note the song lyrics in the title) I have lost a round about total of 15 lbs! What? I lost weight playing a viedo game? Hells yes I did! If you haven’t played JUST DANCE 2/3 I encourage you to drop anything you’re doing right now, go out and purchase the necessary game console and said game. Take time to set it up (don’t worry, it doesn’t take that long), pop in the game and play until your little heart esplodes from all the awesome. Much better than going to the gym, right?

SO much more fun. By the by, though, JUST DANCE 3 isn’t great for the regular songs. The mash-ups, however, those are where it’s at. Loads of fun, and an easy workout to fit in whenever you get a spare minute. JUST DANCE 2 is much better for the playlist songs. I don’t have an internet connection in my living room (damn you, cement houses!) so I don’t know about any of the downloadable songs.

Be warned, though, it’s not a cure-all for losing weight. It’s taken me around a year to get where I was when I got back from my first deployment. There is no easy fix to weight loss, let me tell you, it takes time and a wee bit of dedication. Crazy work schedule may or may not be included. And, like with most things these days; some assembly may be required.

Anyway, I’m running out of time.

Second; CONGRATULATIONS to Shiri W. Sondheimer! She recently entered an IndieAuthors competition, and even though she didn’t win the grand prize, coming in the top three is nothing to sneeze at. Especially when it comes to writing.

And finally, because I’m really running out of time.

I met my rough draft deadline. YAY! Blood on the Quarter is on paper. Granted, it’s a mess of notes, half written chapters, ideas with more notes, and a good portion of the chapters are place holders, but the rough draft is done. With a week left before school starts to spare. Yay me.

Time for the rewrite.


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