A rant

All right, so I’m not creative today. I’m in a story rut and I needed something to rant about.

Firstly; the world runs on money and all of us know it.

Don’t look at me in that tone of voice.

Secondly; some of you might ask why I’m not writing about SOPA/PIPA. Well, because if you haven’t noticed lately, the internet is swimming with articles about why everyone and their mother is (and should be) against it. And I am writing about it, in a way. This blog entry is really about stupid people. Politicians are counted among them.

The picture you see (the duck one, not the crazy eyes) is there for aesthetic reasons. And because Scrooge McDuck is awesome.

So to be clear; every single one of you reading this blog entry needs to stop. Take out your phones, open up a new tab, text message, email, do whatever you have to do (short of finding where your Congressman lives and punching him in the back of the head) and make your voice heard against SOPA/PIPA. Just because they’re backing off of it now, doesn’t mean that it isn’t in the running for a later hearing. The way the bill is currently written makes it understood that corporations (see, greed tie in!) not the people, will have control of the internet and the content within. This cannot be allowed to happen. I’m all for stopping piracy, not so much for going back to the book burnings of the 40’s. Stop piracy, not liberty.

Now, for this, direct from CBS:

Paula Deen teams with Novo Nordisk on diabetes

You might be thinking, “oh that’s so cool, a chef joining the fight against diabetes!”

And then you read this:

Deen, a paid spokeswoman for Novo Nordisk, says she was diagnosed three years ago, but kept quiet about her condition until she had advice to offer the public.

“I wanted to bring something to the table when I came forward,” she said Tuesday during an appearance on NBC’s “Today” show. “I’ve always been one to think that I bring hope.”

When asked if the high-fat, high-caloric recipes she champions can lead to diabetes, she hedged.

“That is part of the puzzle,” she said, but mentioned other factors: genetics, lifestyle, stress and age…..(1)

Really, Paula? Really?
Not only did you wait three years to tell your adoring public that you’ve been diagnosed, but when questioned about your high fat recipes you sat there and hoped your bleach white smile would make the irritating reporter go away.
It's like she's going to eat my soul...
Why am I bothered by this? Not because I’m a diabetic (the disease runs in my family on my dad’s side. I’m hypoglycemic, which is one sugar cookie bite away from diabetes as far as I understand it) but because the woman hid her problem from the public for three years after being diagnosed. Not because she wanted more information on the disease, but because she was afraid it would hurt her stocks.
Seriously. It would lose her money.
(Yes, I understand that diabetes and the diagnoses is deeply personal, but a rational person would not wait until she had a sponsor to go out to the public and admit to the disease. A rational person in Paula Deen’s position as a chef and her position in the public eye would make some very serious, very drastic changes to the way she cooks and presents her dishes to cater to a growing number of the population that suffer from the very same disease.)
Tell me I’m wrong.
Go on. There’s a comment box right underneath this entry. Write me a message and tell me I’m wrong. Tell me that Paula had the interest of her followers in mind before she came on public television and said she had the disease. And then tell me it isn’t coincidental that she announces the disease while at the same time coming forward as the spokesperson of the Danish drug company Novo Nordisk, and that it’s just happenstance that her son suddenly gets a program on Food Network offering lighter version of his mum’s cooking.
With recipes like this, or this is it any wonder she has the disease? I mean, I’m all for good ol’ Southern cookin’ but, jeebus.
Stupid people bug me.
Stupid people with money bother me more.
Kudos, for all intents and purposes to the woman for coming out on her disease. Diabetes sucks. She just could have done a better job about it. For instance, when asked if she’s going to change her cooking she responded;
“Here’s the thing, you know, I’ve always encouraged moderation,” she said. “On my show, you know, I share with you all these yummy, fattening recipes, but I tell people ‘in moderation… You can have that little piece of pie …'” (2)
Moderation is one thing. Being a celebrity chef with fattening, high calorie recipes while keeping a disease that revolves around the food you cook a secret, is another. Don’t get me wrong, moderation is key in most everything in this world. Showing restraint goes a long way to keeping healthy and staying decently sober on a friday night. People are responsible for a lot, including what they do and do not eat (or do and do not cook as the situation goes) but that doesn’t absolve a chef from cooking the way they do. It’s not a blanket excuse.
“I just cook this way, people don’t have to eat it…”
Bullhockey. You have a show on television demonstrating to people how to cook your specific type of food. You put out book after book and appear on show after show (you see my point?) Not expecting people to copy your recipes is like me holding a gun and shooting someone, expecting that “well I didn’t mean too” will get me off the hook. As in all things, a cooking show with an audience puts some responsibility on the chef. If you know your food is unhealthy, tell people. Or, better yet, pander to the obesity crisis going on in the country and cook lighter, better food that might actually do someone some good.
Saying that, there are two ways Mrs. Deen can go with this announcement of hers. One; keep touting “moderation” while cooking with the same high-fat high-caloric recipes, or change the way she cooks completely and start a diabetic-friendly recipe book that everyone can benefit from.
I wonder.
She has the money, the public following, and the power to make a difference in diabetics lives the world over. Question is whether or not she chooses to use it.
References for this post:
(1) CBS. “Paula Deen teams with Novo Nordisk on diabetes – CBS News.” Breaking News Headlines: Business, Entertainment & World News – CBS News. N.p., 17 Jan. 2012. Web. 19 Jan. 2012. .
(2) Rao, Vidya. “Bites – Paula Deen: Diabetes diagnosis won’t change how I cook.” Bites. N.p., n.d. Web. 19 Jan. 2012. .

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