New Year, same you?


Laissez le bon temp rouler!
Laissez le bon temp rouler!

It’s 2013, baby. We survived the (not) apocalypse!

I’m still waiting for the zombies. Maybe I should park out by a Wal Mart? That’s close enough, right?

One stop zombies!
One stop zombies!

As we look out to the new year, as the months in England remaining to me come to a close, we look out and say;

What the hell?!

Or maybe that’s just me. 2012 has been one helluva year. We’ve seen politicians over and across the pond bury themselves in stupidity and rhetoric whilst America held her breath for an election that-if you listened to the hype-would either bring her out of the Dark Ages or send her morals scurrying back for the safety and predictability of the 1950s.

Where men were men and women wore aprons.
Where men were men and women wore aprons.

Climate change came to the forefront with a drought the Midwest likened to the Dust Bowl, jobs where scrounged over with coal and oil companies demanding the EPA be shut down and the Green Movement become a thing of fantasy and make-believe because there were no jobs to be had in recycling.

You know, because there were a lot of dinosaurs. Ergo, fossil fuels will never run out!
You know, because there were a lot of dinosaurs. Ergo, fossil fuels will never run out!

We saw mass shootings. Blame was given on music and television, movies and video games. Common sense is something that isn’t as common as the masses desperately wish it to be. We look to Washington (even over the pond) and wonder who the f*@k hired these people?! Radical Republicans, Tea Partiers who I doubt even remember what the Boston Tea Party was, Democrats that flip flop worse than pancakes on a griddle, women who had no business running for any sort of public office and one woman (in this author’s opinion) should have been President.

Best. Slogan. Ever.
Best. Slogan. Ever.

Countries spiralled into deep depression, tried to claw their way out, and the world realised the credit system is fundamentally flawed even as well-off countries reluctantly bailed out countries that should have paid attention to the checkbook part of Home Economics class. Banks were bailed out. CEOs were given golden parachutes and guns that were turned on the innocents should have been aimed somewhere where some good could have been done under threat of snuffing out that which is most precious in this materialistic world of ours: money.

And yet, the world still turns.

We cry for change. We know the end is coming. Maybe not now, but the next generation is going to have a hard time surviving unless real science catches up with Hollywood and we invent our way out of climate change and the savages of a world too hot for her own good.

And still the world is full of wonderous things. People who care. Countries that refuse to take the American example of blatant commercialism and treasure-and want to protect-the things that they have, the things that their land offer them. Britain simply REFUSES to give into the American fast food culture. There are hundreds of programs aimed directly at slenderising Britain’s population. Good on them! You can’t enjoy the history this country has without being slim. A fact. There are castles here with tiny spaces.

I love watching people. I love the ability I have to watch people, maybe not directly but through the food they order, how they dress, the way they handle their children. I absolutely love when parents roll their eyes at their children and answer whatever innocent question with barely concealed disdain in their voice and a smile that begs for sympathy that I don’t have. If you don’t want to answer what you automatically are assuming is an inane question, why did you have children? Get used to it, honey, that is the smartest kind of stupid your kid will ever be. Enjoy it. Treasure it. Learn from it. Embrace it.

I'm cute. I'm little. And I see the world in a whole different way.
I’m cute. I’m little. And I see the world in a whole different way.

But the world is big. If one stoops to concerning themselves with the bigger problems of the world around them, one will end up driving oneself mad with despair and desperation to make things right. In order to have a good life, one should make one’s own world right. Re-use, re-cycle, and find new uses for old things. Make do and mend, baby.

2013 should be the year that the world returns to itself. That people give up the materialism that drives us all to keep up with the Jones’ and turn to that which will blow the Jones’ out of the goddamned water. The Indie movement has always been there and is now gaining strength because people want something different to read. And to listen too. Steampunk is shiny and new (despite the age with which it credits its inspiration) because packaging sucks. I don’t want what everyone else has. I want my own stuff. I want to be my own person, not what is popular or what reality tv says girls my age like to do and how they should act. If I did that, if I followed that line of shallow thinking, I think I’d do the world a favour and off myself. I would be part of the statistic that blogs and magazines cry about.

Reality tv is harming our girls!

Is the Bad Girls Club really good for our girls?

Model behaviour-how the girls of 16 and pregnant REALLY are!

Princess Bride? What Disney is REALLY teaching our girls!

Yep. Reality television is bad for you. It drains your brain and makes you stupid. Really. Don’t watch it. Read books. Do something productive. Let bad and outrageous behaviour fizzle out into the nothingness where it belongs.

The thing that needs to die.
The thing that needs to die.

I remember myself this time last year, still stuck in the quagmire that was my book, promising myself that I would write it. I would have a book by the year’s end.

And guess what?

I do!

Granted, what is written is not necessarily the book I told myself I would write, but, I wrote a damned book. I wrote Melanie’s story.

With more on the way!

I’ve lost twenty pounds, regained my confidence and learned something about myself and the place I have in the world. I’ve also answered that age old question: What do you want to be when you grow up?

I want to be a writer.  2013 will make that happen for me. Despite Amazon’s tryings and the Big Six’s push, indie publishing is where it’s at. Because people think they know what people want to read the Big Six think they have the power to control, to decide, and Amazon sees a business opportunity. Keep the New York houses afloat and maybe there will be a return.

Let 2013 usher in the power of the self-published author. Let the big houses cry big house tears when they see their profit margins slide into the depths of red ink because no one knows what people like. You can’t place art into a genre because creativity will not be stifled, will not be lumped onto a shelf with the rest. Creativity wants to stand out on its own.

There is a book for everyone and everyone for a book. You just gotta find it.

Toodles and Happy New Year!

Laissez le bon temp rouler!


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