Drugs are bad, m’kay? (but maybe not weed)

Oh, don’t look at me like that. You know and I know that the United States spends billions of dollars on the “war on drugs” every year, and where does it get us?  Valuable jail space tied up because some kids just wanted to experiment.

You and I have heard it a thousand times. All through school we were told, in short; “drugs are bad, m’kay?”

I understood that about heroine, cocaine, ecstasy, meth, (the list really does go on and on and on), but no one would say why weed was bad. Not that I ever asked, I was young and impressionable, and drugs were bad (m’kay?). I was content to leave it alone and accept the fact that weed was just as bad as everything else out there and should never, ever, ever be tried.

And then I grew up. I started to ask questions, which eventually led me to try the maligned herb. And, you know what? My skin went tingly, I coughed up a storm, I started giggling like crazy, and I couldn’t open my eyes for a while. Then, once it wore off I was STARVING! Yup, I understood the munchies.

That was it. That’s all there was (for me) to getting high. No shakes, no twitching, none of that ridiculousness they show you on television and in the movies. So, if that’s all there was to getting high, and it wasn’t all that awesome to the point where I would want to do it again and again and again, why on earth are people conducting a witch hunt against a poor little plant?

Rational people may never know. Or, if they do know, may never understand. Let’s take a look at some of the arguments used against marijuana.

1. It’s addictive:

Cannabis itself is not addictive. If you want to call anything about the plant addictive, it would be the “high” produced by the THC. Because marijuana can be genetically refined to produce more THC, the effects of the high can vary depending on the strength of the particular strain. But, that is the point of drugs, yes? To get high? Where heroine, cocaine, and other hard drugs are concerned, the addiction is detrimental. The chemical compositions of these particular drugs contain dangerous levels of just about everything under the sun. Cannabis is an herb, the THC levels (even when they’re at 29%) can not make a person overdose. To do this, one would have to smoke very much in a short period of time to obtain anywhere near the levels the body needs to overdose on a drug.

2. It’s a gateway drug:

No. No it isn’t. The reason it could be called a “gateway” drug is because the guy dealing pot is the same yutz who’s dealing coke the next street over. And the only reason he’s offering the harder stuff is because you’re dumb enough to think it’s a good idea to buy it.

3. Pot makes you violent:

Really? Did ya watch Cheech and Chong? Pot makes you all right with being bored, not violent. I mean, unless you’re going to steal a Hershey bar, I don’t think some guy smoking a bong is going to come after you because you looked at him funny.

4. Pot will kill you:

Refer to #1. To add to that; nicotine is ten times as addictive as heroine. Alcohol is a depressant. Both of these have a combined mortality rate of over 400,000 per anum. Pot has none. Should you drive while smoking pot? No. But that’s just common sense.
5. Pot makes you stupid:

This one is contestable. Pot doesn’t necessarily make you “stupid”. In fact, the smartest people I’ve ever known were potheads. What the drug does do, is temporarily inhibit the brain’s ability to make short term memories. Stupidity is a singularly objective term people use to judge one another based on our own interpretations of situations. To speak of it in medical terms is to consult with a doctor and numerous amounts of tests to determine intelligence. From personal experience dealing with a friend of mine; methamphetamine makes people stupid, literally inducing brain damage. Again, pot does not. It stuns the brain cells, once the high is gone, the brain bounces back.

Look, I’m not trying to get pot legalised or anything. I’m afraid of lynch mobs. I have this thing with fire…

But, what I am trying to say is that pot shouldn’t be victimised because of misunderstandings. Once upon a time, a long time ago, pot was set to overtake the paper industry because the plant was renewable and easy to grow. People got greedy, cannabis suffered. Myths abounded about the drug which were not helped by Hollywood or even those that tout its medical benefits. And I’m sure someone, somewhere in Congress is breathing down FDA scientists neck to keep weed in the “criminal” category because it’s lucrative. Flag waving, even if it is for a ridiculous cause, tends to draw people together. Word of mouth is powerful and rumours can kill a reputation (as any girl in high school would know).

So, are there any bad points to weed? Of course there are. You can Google search the negatives and come up with a veritable smorgesbord of why weed shouldn’t be smoked by anyone.

Really, for me, the only bad thing about weed is the dependence people seem to form on it. “It makes me creative”, “it gives me good ideas,” really? A carcinogen does not induce creativity, the fickle creature comes and goes when she damn well pleases. “I need it to..” just shouldn’t come into any conversation whatsoever. Bottom line; I don’t like excuses when it comes to weed. Smoking it, for me, is a sign of immaturity because of how I was raised. Is it bad? No. Should it be done? Sure, if you want too. Am I all for it? Hell yes. Weed makes you all right with being bored, it doesn’t kill anyone, and maybe my stocks in Frito Lay will go up.

Maybe it’s because I painted a mural in a medicinal weed shop that I have such a laid back opinion on weed.  Here you have a naturally occurring substance which, when ingested, stuns the brain cells to produce a high for a few hours, gives a person the munchies, and produces cotton mouth afterward. And, if some medical personnel have their way, marijuana can one day be a very real treatment option for people in severe pain, in a hospital, in full view of the world.

I also have this idea that weed can get the nation out of debt, but that’s for another blog post.


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