Because Mr. Sulu said it first…

Well, not really. I don’t believe that George Takei was the first ever man to call for a united front amongst Star Wars and Star Trek fans. I’m sure people have been demanding the ridiculousness stop because there are good and bad things about both of them.

No one can beat Mr. Spock.

I’m just saying.

Besides, it’s not logical.

Anyway, that’s not why I’m creating this blog entry. I was browsing around on Facebook this morning and saw a posting of Mr. Takei’s, and a You Tube video. The picture is below: 

It called into question the message girls are getting from their female heroines in both books and movies. The video calls for a united front from the SciFi community against Twilight.


One: Twilight is not science fiction. I’ll agree (and even like) Mrs. Meyer’s theory that lycanthropy can be spread as a virus, there is support out there for such a thing, but under no circumstances does that qualify you for the “science fiction” genre, and if it does, then I give up on all of the publishing companies.

Two: I’m pretty sure those of us out there that are still rational, are pretty sick of hearing/seeing Twilight plastered everywhere. I could take it from Harry Potter, the books were good and the movies were halfway decent and, hell, I grew up with it. Harry Potter WAS my generation. Not Twilight.

Three: I think the realisation that Twilight is taking over has become apparent to everyone. Every bookshelf is littered with vampire this and werewolf that. I’ve even seen a few knockoffs of Twilight published. Understandable, there’s a market for it. Tween girls are going nuts fantasising about their “vampire boyfriend” or whatever. But now, the market has become saturated. True Blood, Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf (yes, they brought it back. God help us all), flood the airwaves. I won’t knock on Supernatural or the Grimm series, those are actually very good shows and don’t have vampires or werewolves as the staple for their plot.

So, Mr. Takei called for a united front, telling all Trekkies and Jedi’s out there to disable their shields and put down their lightsabers and join in a war against Twilight. I’m all for it. Frankly, I’m tired of it. I don’t mind the vampire thing, again, grew up with it, but it’s gone on long enough. Time to obsess about something else.

Now, on to the picture. As you can tell, it’s meant to be funny. It also raises a very good point about role models and the message girls are getting from books and movies;

Hermoine was/is a role model, fiction be damned, that any girl can look up to. She’s ridiculously smart, pretty (in a way), and can kick ass better than any of her fellow students. She has her flaws just like anyone else does, but is still likeable in a “know it all” sort of way. And when Ron left, yes, she cried but the bitch held herself together long enough to find the horcruxes and help Harry banish Voldemort to whatever hell he belongs too. She did this from book freaking one.

I loved Hermoine. I WAS Hermoine, hair and all, for much of my school years. I related to her, I wanted to BE her when I grew up, because Hermoine was that person you knew would get what she wanted by sheer determination and smarts. She is the prime example of brains winning out, and I will sing J.K. Rowling’s praises because of her.

Leia is another one. She kicks ass, she’s sassy, she has a brain, and when Han got thrown into carbonite, bitch dressed up like a bounty hunter just to get him back.

And then we have Bella.


The love of her life goes away because he’s afraid of biting her and sucking her dry and she mopes around the house for months on end then throws herself off a cliff?

So, basically, I’m being told (as a young reader) that, if I act depressed when my boyfriend breaks up with me, and after a few months of whining and moaning I threaten suicide,  all of a sudden he’ll come back?



I’m not trying to be funny here, I’m not even trying to be mean. I hate Twilight. Anyone who knows me will confirm that with a sigh and an eye roll. But, that’s not the point. Throughout the book, Bella whines. And whines. And whines.

I get it sweetie, you’re a teenager and obviously full of deep thoughts and emotions that no one but you can possibly understand. Yeah, thirty pages in and I’m already sick of you. But hey, maybe you’ll grow up and I’ll glean something about being a teenager, or have something to relate to from my own past experiences, as I keep reading.



More whining, more moping, more trying to decide between Jacob and Edward (go for Jacob, honey, he’s the lesser of two evils) and still she gets everything she wants. Bella doesn’t react to her situations and surroundings, they happen around her, and the ending still works out all right for her. She gets the creepy guy, he’s madly in love with her, and her best friend who probably would have made a better match, gets to fall in love with her….daughter?


There was no character development. There was no Bella taking charge of the situation and making events work in her own way. She was just a girl who “happened” to figure out that the dark, brooding guy in the corner is a vampire. Yay her. The story then hinges on Edward deciding to bring her home and introduce her to his family, one of the members can’t control his hunger, blah, blah, blah, some evil vampire lady gets thrown in there for a villain, wait is Edward dead? Nope, no, they’re back together. Yay.

You see where I’m going with this? The story is a convoluted Romeo and Juliet. No one dies at the end except the bad guy and “true love” impossibly wins out. Every. Freaking. Time.

Point is; Twilight is a story and it should remain that way. Any lesson that might have happened within the book was lost amidst angst and drama. No girl should EVER want to be Bella. She’s about as deep as a damp washcloth to start with, and the one guy who was halfway decent she gave up for the possessive dude who sparkles in the sunlight.

If there is any lesson in Twilight it should be this: real life doesn’t work like that, love is hard, not fated and don’t go for the possessive one. Any guy who says he would die for you, has major issues and should be avoided at all costs.  Oh, and a girl w

2 thoughts on “Because Mr. Sulu said it first…

  1. 1byline says:

    I have recently watched Harry Potter movies and yes, I like Hermoine. However, I know many other books that are much better than Twilight. Okay, I haven’t read it, just on the premise that I prefer not to think of the love of my life as a Vampire and therefore couldn’t possibly relate to any of the movie. I have enough people in my life trying to suck my blood dry.

    Have a great day. Good blog. And I can see you as Hermoine.

  2. rjkeith says:

    Lol, thanks. I really did love her as a kid. She was (and is) my hero. I think my irritation with the Twilight franchise is that it’s so damn popular and I can’t find the reason. I can understand why Harry Potter got big, what kid wouldn’t want to be a wizard? But, Twilight?
    It’s a bad rendition of Romeo and Juliet.
    Maybe I’m biased because I hate Romeo and Juliet.

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