The holidays, they are a comin’

And bringing Christmas music with them. Dear GOD I hate Christmas music. I mean, it’s not so bad within the month of December. Christmas is in December, ergo Christmas music is appropriate, as are the multitude of decorations and ridiculous dispalys in various supermarkets and Wal Marts the world over. What kills me is the radio stations that start playing “Jingle Bells” in October and the above mentioned stores pulling out Christmas decorations right after Halloween. 

I’m pretty positive Thanksgiving just gets lumped in with Halloween. They figure the two holidays are in the fall, so why not put them together?  It’s okay not to give the Jack O’ Lantern and the Turkey their seperate months, who’s going to notice?

I do!

Halloween has October, Thanksgiving is in November, and for the love of God keep the fat man in December. Under no circumstances do I want to turn on the telly only to have some woman tell me how I should start my Christmas shopping now, or some bloke telling me that Disarronno goes really well with cranberry juice at Christmastime. It’s bloody NOVEMBER! Maybe the man up North is scrambling to get things done, but I am perfectly content to wait until 01 December for the pleas from every business within broadcasting distance to spend my money.

Because Christmas is about the presents.

Picture will follow. As soon as I get the chance to sketch it out.


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