Because I feel I should…

I gotta let ya’ll know that updating won’t happen too often. For reasons of the website. If you haven’t made a website before, let me tell you-omigod. Pain. In. The. Ass.


I don’t care if you’re using wordpress (with comic press in my case) or if you have a CSS book in front of you (I have one of those too), building a website is hard freaking work. Anything and everything that could possibly go wrong, does and will. Stupid Murphy’s Law, I hate you so much.

That being said, you can understand why I won’t be updating, and why I haven’t updated in a while.

Also adding to the not-updating repertoire, I have a contest and a short story submission I’m working on in addition to completely rewriting Ipswich Road (which, if you’ve noticed my neat little sidebar has a second name. It’s much longer and includes “Ipswich Road”, I just didn’t want to type it all out). All of the stories, including those for submission, I’m doing on the fly as “in-betweens” and “when-I-get-the-chance”‘s. Stephen King said the best way to get published with the big names is to write (and submit) a lot of short stories. Besides, who wouldn’t want to hear their story narrated in a podcast? ( As in the case of the winner of the short story contest). And see their story on a widely popular magazine? (The case of Steampunk Magazine open submission for issue #8).

Yes, I’m selfish-but, I also want to be a writer when I grow up. And a small business owner but that will be extrapolated in another blog posting, I’m sure.

In-between all of that is random travelling and, of course, work.

The ever present necessity that gives me the monies and, surprisingly, is helping me to lose weight. It’s great, no gym necessary. Oh, and shape-ups? Best invention ever.

So, my friends who stop by to read this little blog, I am sorry that I will not be able to regale you with my wit and randomness. Sadly, even the random facts will be unchanged until my next posting instead of the everyday change I was planning on. At least until the website is done and I find myself with a little free time in-between comic postings.

With that said, it’s actually time for work. Toodles!

Until next time!

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