So much to do, not nearly enough RAM to do it…

Hah, see that, a computer joke. I’m clever.

Or at least I try to be. Recently, however, I don’t feel that way. Rather, I feel like some bumbling fool trying to get used to his own feet. Of course, that’s the way with things when you’re trying to get used to living with people whom you haven’t seen but a handful of times in the course of a few years. It’s normal. That’s what I keep telling myself anyway. Then again, maybe it’s just me.

And maybe I’m feeling useless since I finished Old Ipswich Road. “Finished” being a term I use lightly for the incarnation of the book that’s currently being edited for me (albeit slowly and when people have the time). Ipswich Road is done, which is awesome. I’m proud of it and I hope people are enjoying reading it. Being done with the story frees me up for the comic, which is also fantastic.

So why do I feel so glum about it? The art is awesome (or Shiri says it is anyway, I hate my art no matter what I tell myself or others tell me), the story is superb, and the updates are happening relatively on schedule. So, why? Why do I feel so “blah” about the whole thing?

I shouldn’t. It’s not that I don’t enjoy doing it, far from that.

My problem boils down to a few things, which I’m going to address in numerical order because it’s easier to keep track of:

1. The computer I’m using is very quickly running out of juice. I had downloaded Photoshop onto my machine and nearly killed it, since then I’ve had to suffer through random program freezes and spurts of general inoperability, severely cutting down on my patience and my desire to work on it.

Fact of the matter is; I need a new computer. I’ve known this for a while and even have a computer in mind. A brand spanking new Macbook Pro. Because it’s shiny, and silver, and has all the effing RAM I will ever need in this world to pull of what I want to do. The problem is, I don’t have the funding for it. Not until school starts up at least, and even then I’ll need to wait a few months before I have the capital to reasonably spend the money.

Problem: I don’t like to wait or work with inferior materials.

Solution: Quit my bitching and deal.

2. The website needs to be updated and redone. Not really too big of a problem. In fact, according to WordPress it’s damn easy to do all you need is a day or two and they take care of everything. Taking in the fact that I’m currently overseas, might be a bit of a bother but nothing that I can’t handle.

Problem: Overseas factor

Solution: Stay up and hope the wait isn’t very long.

3. Once the website is updated, I have to fiddle around and figure out how everything works. Again, not really a big issue, but time consuming and frustrating.

This one is a bit harder, only because it’s unknown territory. I’ve never worked with a professional comic site. I’ve built my own for the military but that was under duress and mainly due to the exploitation of my skills for a chain of command that wanted immediate results, and don’t like being told that a website takes time and patience to build. The two things that the military does not posess itself but demands its soldiers have. “Hurry up and wait..” ring a bell to anyone other than me?

Problem: Unknown territory

Solution: Tread with caution

4. Getting back on the writing bandwagon. Writing a book is hard. If you don’t believe me, try it some time, see how far you get and if you have any of your hair left.  Time, pain, tears, agony and unparalleled joy go into writing a book and it is the most rewarding thing in the world to type the last few sentences, sit back with a smile and say “done.” Getting back to that is like going to the gym. “I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna!” stream from your mouth but once you’re on that treadmill (or your preferred exercise equipment) it’s paradise all over again.  I’m stuck in that “I don’t wanna” phase.

Okay, this one too, is harder than it sounds. Finishing something is easy. Starting something else is a wee bit harder. I have the ideas, the minute understanding of characters and a world that is just unfolding to me. What needs to happen is research, new music on the iPod, and sitting down at my computer and just writing.

Problem: Getting back on the writing wagon

Solution: Stop complaining

Yes, I’m complaining. And the problems are so miniscule that it’s really pointless to complain about them. So? I’m allowed, and with patience I’ll get everything done that needs to be done. I’ll even get off my ass and start the second Ipswich book. Because that’s what you do after you’ve layed out problems and found solutions.

But sometimes, just sometimes, it’s nice to sit back on a rainy English day and read a book someone else has written.

Until next time!

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