It’s so funny, I never really understood how important schedules were until now. When my life got busy.

It all started when my friend, Shiri and I decided to embark on a webcomic.

From an artists’ standpoint this is an awesome proposition; it can do wonders for my portfolio, and force me to overcome my fears of inadequacies when it comes to my art.

I’m a horrible perfectionist, you see. In my eyes I’ll never be as good as the other guys, no matter what I do or what someone else says. Even when I sit down and redo the CSS for Hathor’s Cafe and change the entire site around to make it echo what Shiri and I are trying to do. In my mind, it’ll never be enough. I think it’s because I’m just starting out, that I’m unsatisfied, but then again I’m never truly satisfied with anything I create. Always room for improvement. That’s the thought running through my mind.

Again, this is a fantastic way to make me overcome my fears and get mind and Shiri’s work out there. I’m stoked and apprehensive about it. However;when you couple it with college workloads and writing my own novel, plus a dog, keeping a house clean, and the fact that I really don’t do well on no sleep, well-that’s another thing all together. It’s not so much about fear and perfectionism as it is about balance.

I’m not complaining though. All of this is worth it. It’s a huge marketing bonus for Shiri; she gets her story out there in the world and builds a following for her FALLEN series, and I get to stretch my artistic skills and learn a few things as I go along. I will say that I need new software. I’m working with COREL Painter 4 Essentials, and let me tell you, there is a reason why people have PHOTOSHOP.

To be honest, I’ll only get PHOTOSHOP because it’s useful, not because I like the program. I do, but I don’t. It’s useful, but then again it isn’t. COREL is much more inclined to how I paint in real life. It’s much easier to sit there and actually “mix” colors on a digital palette and then paint, rather than to sit and fiddle with color mixers and levers.

Anyway, as we have it now, the comic is going to be updated on Monday and Wednesdays, so that means Sunday gets to turn into “comic day” and the rest of the week is left up to homework and finishing Ipswich.

Which, I’m really excited for. The story is coming along fabulously and I’m learning about how to be “long winded” where a novel is concerned. But that’s something for another post.

Right now I have to work on the comic and get it updated for the week.

Until next time!